2020 Wealthy Affiliate Review

Hosting servers

2020 is the year you should really consider Wealthy Affiliate because there are going to be some changes to our platform. You are getting a better deal for your money. Just read to the end to see what changes and see if you want it or not.

Starting in May 2020 WA will be updating hosting plans and by Summer WA will introduce a standalone Managed WordPress Brand.

Since you’re already here, I assumed you had read through my first review on wealthy affiliate. No need for me to go into details on it.

If you haven’t please go back and read my first review here.

Wealthy affiliate is an elite platform all-inclusive with tools, websites, hosting, training, coaching, and education to help you grow your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is or will be the leading edge of the Managed WordPress industry. What is a Managed WordPress you asked?

Managed WordPress Brand

This is an answer from one of our co-founders, Kyle.

“It’s not WordPress specific, they are just “servers” and they pile websites on of all different types of technology. This creates stability issues, speed and security issues.

Those are conventionally budget services, and they certainly are not specialists offering a specialized WordPress hosting service. They are also not monitoring your websites, fixing issues as they happen, and offering you specific WordPress hosting support.”

Hosting at Wealthy Affiliate

When you host your website at wealthy affiliate there are no upsells, SSL is included, emails are included, caching is included, and features like SiteHealth are included.

You are here to see the changes and what’s new.

Starter Members

For starters members, you will no longer have two free websites to work with. You will only get one. That’s right just one when March 16, 2020, comes around. So, please do what you know is best and joined me before March 16th.

Why before March 16, 2020? There’s still time to become premium and grandfathered into the two free websites. Not to mention the 25 free domains and 25 own domains. Okay wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll talk about that later.

Premium Members

So, after March 16 when you become a premium member you’ll only be getting 10 free websites and 10 own domains.

That’s a little over half the own domains and free websites. However, if you act now you’ll still get the 25 own domains and 25 free websites and become grandfathered in. So, make haste. Become a premium member before March 16, 2020.

Other Hosting Companies

As of now, March 2020 we compare some of the other hostings companies for your convenience.

Pagely5 websites$199 per month
WordPress Engine 10 websites$115 per month
Kinsta10 websites$200 per month
Wealthy Affiliate 10 websites$49 per month
Hosting price per month.

As you can see wealthy affiliate is the best way to go.

If you just purchase hosting alone you still get 10 websites as premium.

Wealthy Affiliate Plan

Yes, you still get the 10 free lessons as a starter member and when you go premium your price doesn’t change. When you go annually it’s even better. Don’t forget that when you go premium you still have all the education that comes with your premium package.

I hope that this gives you a perspective view of what’s coming up in the near future with wealthy affiliate.

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