Back To School Ideas

Guess what parents! It’s back to school for your kids and you are going to miss them…really? Let’s face it you love your kids but aren’t you a little relief to have someone else babysit them for 6 hours? I got some back to school ideas for you. Read on to find out more. You had them for the whole summer. Of course, being separated from them will drive you mad!

No more yelling at them to pick up after themselves. What are you going to do? Bored? How about consistently nagging you to take them everywhere. I bet you missed being their chauffeur. Oh, oh how about you being the referee between fights? I bet you missed that too.

Back To School Ideas

I know you’re busy. When the kids go off to school you have laundry to do, pick up after them, do the dishes, yes I still do the dishes by hand and I have a dishwasher, take care of the baby, and plan out dinner. Don’t forget the husband need help to get up at well. Are you just so glad to be his wife and mama at the same time?

Here are some ideas you can do after the baby is napping.

  • Watch some TV
  • Bleach the house
  • Call your friends to gossip
  • Plan dinner
  • Take a nap with the baby

If all fail. With all that cleaning you did you probably need a break anyway, a nap sounds good about now, doesn’t it? Or you can do what I did when I had my little one. This was what I was looking into when I was bored from all the house chores and being home all day with nothing to do. I’m sure everyone has their own things to do.

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Have Faith In Yourself

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22 thoughts on “Back To School Ideas”

  1. Great ideas Kelyee! It’s always hard when the kids go back to school but then it gives a lot of time for some relaxation! Much quieter LOL. As someone that does affiliate marketing, I can definitely tell you that it’s a great idea! It will also be a great use of your time. Love that suggestion! I’m going to share this with a few friends that have children. Thank you for the great post!

    • Haha, thanks for stopping by Dan. Yes sometimes quiet is what we need. I was pretty happy when my daughter went back to school. It’s like yes! Me time!

      Have a great day!?

  2. Hi Keylee – This is great information, thank you. The note you make about family support is so relevant, I have been looking for an online opportunity for ages, when I talk about it with my sister, mom and dad I always get the same old blank look as if to say “really”

    Thank you for describing this opportunity in a friendly way and in a language that I can really associate with.


  3. Hi Kelyee, great information there hillariously put especially for a stay home mum like me! Its because of the monotony of routine that i thought of using my time to do something im passionate about and it sounds good to get a lil something for my passion! Affiliate marketing is the way to go! Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Janet,

      I’m so glad to entertain you! Some people are… let’s just say no sense of humor. lol If you are already into affiliate marketing that’s so great! And yes affiliate marketing is the way to go. Thanks for coming.

    • Hi Jack, that is so awesome that your kids are all grown. Thanks for coming by and please share my post with friends and family members that still have little ones. Thank you.

  4. Hi Kelyee,

    I’m also a Wealthy Affiliate member and you’re absolutely right about having faith in yourself, it helps a lot if family members support your passion with online business.

    The best thing is, there are so many trainings, even from members. One time my website was down, the IT support helped me right away in minutes, that was amazing!

    It would take some time until you get the first income, you need to put a lot of effort into it, along with a good research and to become successful, you need to be motivated and remain positive.
    The online business is a perfect start if you want to have a second earning, later on you can turn it into your main income.

    Thank you for sharing this awesome post, it was a pleasure to read it.

    • Hey Anh-Tu,

      I like your mindset! That’s right even if you do have time when the kids are away being babysat by the school it does take time to make a dime. That’s why you have to start now when they are young and when they are older or in their teenage years you can have fun with the extra income.

  5. Great post for the parents whose children will now be starting school fulltime this year. WA is great idea for those that are looking to create some extra income.

    I do like the “nap” part. Count me in!!! LOL

    Really informative post…

    • LOL Colleen, I know right! Nap is good and it’s also good for a recharge after you send them off or dropped them off. Making extra cash is fun. Thank you for coming by! Have a great one.

  6. Keylee, I enjoyed reading your post. I’m retired now but when I was younger and had my little daughter, I would have loved to have a work at home opportunity like you have described here. I also agree that Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is the perfect place to learn all about affiliate marketing and building your own WordPress website. WA is great and certainly not a scam. I’ve loved it for over 5 years now.

    • Hi Shirley, I am so grateful to find WA. It taught me so much. You guys are wonderful people to have in the community. Although your kids are all grown please share my post to your friends and family members that still have little ones. Thank you for stopping by.

  7. Hi Kelyee, I like how you have done this post. A lot of mums and dads will have a bit of time on their hands once the children go back to school. So why not learn how to start a business from home.

    I like your recommendation, I have heard of these before and they always seem to get good reports. So as their is a 7 day free trial, people should just click on your link. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


  8. I definitely wish I had started a passive income business when my daughter was way smaller but I had never heard of it! Thank you for showing that anyone can get started in this, and I liked the cheeky tone in your article.

    • Kendra thanks for stopping by. Me too! I was looking into so many ways to make money but I’ve never heard of it before. So now that I know that this is a proven system that works. All the parents out there that are looking into making extra income can check it out here. That’s why I made this website to help those that are willing to try it. Have a great day Kendra!

  9. Hi Kelyee, and great post!
    I laughed when you say “really? You’re going to miss them?” haha. I remember when my kids were young. It was always exciting when school was done for the year, but then doing the “happy dance” when it was time for them to go back.
    That doesn’t make us bad parents, just honest ones!
    I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to your readers. It’s an all-inclusive platform that has everything you need under one roof. And yes, it’s free to start.
    I’ve been there many years now, and there’ always something new to learn.


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