Can You Create a Successful Online Business With Wealthy Affiliate?

So how many of you are asking, can you create a successful online business with Wealthy Affiliate? The answer is yes and no. I would have to be very honest with you. I have been with WA for a year and two in September 2019. Did I make any money? No, why?

This is mine why. I have bills to pay and I need money now. So I still have a 9 to 5 job. I work part-time on my niche website and I am happy to have learned all the information that was taught to me in WA. However, there are many people who have been working full time on promoting WA and is making thousands a month. This kid is AMAZING!

This kid started when he was 19 he’s making over 40k recently.

I’m not here to hype you up. I am writing to inform you of the choices you can make. If you ever decide to join me on the journey. Let me start with a brief background of WA.

This is what Wealthy Affiliate is

If you read my first blog you should already know about Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that was created back in 2005 by the creators of Wealthy Affiliate, Carson and Kyle. You can read my review here, warning it’s a repeat. Some people just needed more nudging. ^^

Yep, these two are the brains for your great community with a plethora of information, tutorials, and training you need to know to create a successful online business.

Without these two geniuses, we would still be struggling how to apply all the information into building our websites. The community is great because all of us that are on this platform are mentors. Just ask anyone and they will be able to get you from point A to point B.

Thanks for coming to visit our site. We love to help you with this challenge and if we can help in any way let us know. We are a mentoring group and welcome to financial freedom. We challenge you to be financially free if you are willing to work your @$$ off. We help you create and build your own website. Not just your website but your online business.

Lots of Mentor Help

If you ever need someone to help within WA you just PM anyone and they can help. Try looking for your sponsor and PMing him/her. Listen, in this platform if you don’t ask the questions and learn from it you will be stuck and be frustrated.

So, don’t be shy and ask away there are no wrong or dumb questions. There are only learning, achieving, being successful and giving back to each other.

We are family here and family helps each other. Including newbies just like me when I first started and some or all of you. So ask away.

There will be a time when it gets hard ladies and gentlemen, however, never give up someone will answer your questions. If you asked the first time and get no answer to try again in a different form.

I can be your mentor or anyone you want in the platform can be a mentor like I said earlier everyone is a wealthy affiliate is a mentor and in due time you will be one as well.

We Have Live Chat

We also have a live chat that you can, just chat, simple. Live professionals that have been doing this for a long time.

The live chat is awesome. Let me tell you why. The best part is it’s life, real-time so you can ask your question and someone will answer you. However, your question must be relevant to WA or else if they are just going to skip over it and think someone is spamming gibberish. Also, when you ask your question in the live chat please please do not yell by using caps that’s really rude.

If your question is not being answered try to think about it and ask it differently. Some would ask you for clarification. We understand that you are new and would love to answer you with the right answer the first time so we and you wouldn’t go into a repeated chat. That waste your valuable time you could spend building your website.

If you get lucky and come on a day that the creators are available they will chime in once in a while when they aren’t too busy. They are busy making this platform user-friendly and updating more tutorials for our success. They are very busy men.

Nothing is better than a Live Webinar

Every Friday at 5 pm Pacific standard time we have live webinar lead by Magistudios, Jay Neil our live webinar coach. Listen to him he’s one of our best mentor, live coach and knows what he’s talking about. Now live webinars are only for premium members only. Sorry.

However, if you would like to try it for a month after your free trial then it’s only $19 for the first month. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you do not get this education for free. It is going to cost you but not your life savings. I’ll explain that a few.

The Million dollar question

What do I get for joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Again let’s take another look.

  • You get 2, two free subdomains to start with so you can either create one for your niche and one to promote WA.
  • You get 7 days of unlimited mentoring.
  • You get 7 days of great training on how to start building your niche website with tutorials and walk through videos by the one and only Kyle himself.
  • All free for 7 days it’s our try it before you commit.

You get all these great lessons in the first week. By the time you finish these lessons, you are ready to grow and brand your business.


If you think this is not for you then at least you gave it a shot. And if it is then great welcome aboard to the WA family.

Here’s another thing building a business isn’t a rush thing like a get-rich-quick. In building your business it takes time, patience, and effort. This is not anything quick. Anyone who owns a tangible asset knows that branding your product takes time and hard work.

The Pros

  • Free to join for 7 days and $19 after that for the first month
  • two free websites to practice on
  • walk through videos to help set up like the image above.
  • Make hundreds even thousands of money
  • is an authoritative platform
  • great tutorials and mentoring
  • weekly webinar
  • live chat
  • great site support
  • ask questions
  • great SEO training
  • great hosting of your websites
  • the keyword search tool, Jaaxy.


The Cons

  • not get-rich-quick
  • time-consuming and patience
  • no guarantee to make $$$ monthly
  • hard work
  • not enough info on how to start using YouTube
  • $49 monthly fee

Wealthy affiliate also has an annual fee of $349 if you wish. They now offer six months free for those who want to try it longer.

What is the total fee if you want to make a six-figure income? It’s achievable that’s up to you. To have my website host and protected with WA and everything you see above and $14.99/year, per website.

Why do I get a lower rate? Because when WA had their Black Friday sale and I leaped for it It’s a great saving. I wouldn’t know if they will bring it back.

SEO training

SEO (search engine optimizer) is what you need to learn how to get traffic to your website so you can make money if you are promoting W.A and if you just want to blog about your niche you still need SEO. Wealthy affiliate has live webinar tutorial with Jay. The video is recorded so you can rewind and take your time into getting to know SEO.

Every starting website needs it. Even existing website needs it. If you already have an existing website and would like to monetize it we can show you how to do that as well.

Keyword Search Tool

We have a superb keyword search tool called Jaaxy. It has a free version and a pro version where you can purchase. I’m still using the free one and it works just fine.

When I make enough money from W.A I will see if I need the pro version. Try searching for some keywords here have some fun with it.

The website builder

When you start this is where it all begins for just signing up. If you really want to learn how to build your online business this is the best place to get your feet wet. Building your website from scratch.

The W.A subdomain that you will get 2 off just for trying it out.

So, yes you can create a successful online business with Wealthy Affiliate as long as you follow the lessons on top. Just remember it takes longer for some and shorter for some. It is based on how fast you learn and grasp the concept.

It took me a while to learn and I am still learning. When I see you on the inside and if I can’t answer your question we can both learn it together.

Like I said we all are mentors and we help each other out.

Would I still recommend Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes, absolutely.

So, can you, create a successful online business with Wealthy Affiliate? That is your future and place to answer this question.

Are you willing to put in the effort and if you are how many hours can you commit to working hard?

You need to be realistic you can’t say 100hrs a week and not mean it. Realistically would be… Up to you to decide.

Visit my profile to get started

I will see you on the other side of entrepreneurship. And if I don’t thank you for coming by my website.

If you have any questions, comments, or advice please leave a comment. I promise I will get to you. It wouldn’t be more than 24hrs if it is, this website no longer exists or I’m on vacation! Most likely be on vacation. I work from anywhere I please.

See you in the inside. Welcome to the wealthy affiliate family, where everyone love and hate each other but are willing to put our differences aside to help build each other up for success.

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