Distraction is a Thief.


Let me tell you about the distractions. Because distraction is a thief it robs your attention span. Let’s see what caused the distractions. Do you work? Yes, we all work. To be productive we must eliminate the distractions. If you are like me, coming from a big family and you’re the oldest of 7 then you’ll learn to block the distraction like a pro.

People are Like Buzzing Insects. Common work distractions.

Let’s say you are working diligently in your cubicle minding your own business because you have a deadline to finish. Here comes the loud mouth spilling her life story to you as if you only live to hear her drama. “Omg, did you know…” “Can you guess what happened to me this weekend!” “Did you hear about THO there?”

How about your surrounding cubicle neighbors. Talking on the phone getting mad at a project because his proposal was declined and he is yelling from the top of his lung so everyone can hear. Like your busy with your own dilemma. You don’t have time to hear or overhear on purpose to their loud clamoring. You have a more oppressing matter on your hands.

Talk about common work distraction just to mention a few.


At Home is a Natural Distraction.

This is my problem. I have an infant and she is as cute as a button. That’s just a saying because personally, a button isn’t cute at all. However, she is as cute as any baby out there and I love to hold her and spoil her and play with her all the time and she’s not mine. My baby niece. She is my distraction. I eliminated some of it because her mama got a new place and she’s gone for the week.

After work when you come home you have to make dinner because everyone is waiting for you. Seems like no one has any arms or legs to get up and make food for themselves. You are the one who comes home and put their limbs together so they can actually move, amazing. The super person you are you must do everything.

How about those irresistible phone games we have on our phones. They magically got install on your phone and if you don’t claim your 100 coins today you’ll miss out on the 200 tomorrow! Omg, you have to log in. But you can’t just stop at claiming the fake coins you have to play for 10 minutes that ends up being 2 hours later and yet you haven’t made any progress.

Oh, don’t forget to check your FB, IG, MeWe, and Tumblr. Oh, how can I forget Snapchat we have to check to see how many likes and comments we have.

Because of the evolving technologies home is a natural distraction. There are not too many things we can do anything about it. However, we can limit some of it.

Eliminate the Distractions

Finding time in your busy schedule to work on your business. Because we are so busy that we forget that we have to find some time for ourselves. The time you spend by yourself is very valuable. It helps clear your mind so you can think clearly. Put the distraction up on the hanger until tomorrow. You can breathe a little from the hectic day.

Mediate for 5 minutes a day. It will help with your blood pressure and start the day with a refreshing start. Makes your mood better. And maybe you’ll smile more often.

Let go of the game that is making you fake coins or money. The simplest thing to do is it has an uninstall button, just hit that and it will all be okay. It won’t be the end of the world. It will make you a better person making real coins, not fake ones. Yes, you can do it. I believe you can do it.

Whatever you do, do not check your social media pages. Remember that we don’t care about the comments that make other people rich we care about the comments that make us rich. Who wants to make real money? Yes, you do and you can.

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Insider tip:

When you work for yourself the hardest part is taking that first step and then everything will follow suit. Just sign up and we’ll go from there. When you join me on my adventure don’t worry about ranking just follow the training. Trying to rank when you first start is another distraction.

The pay isn’t the greatest it’s an incentive for your feedback. You are in to make real money where you can retire. Not to give feedback for pennies. Your input is valuable to others who needed help. Only do so if it benefits them or both sides. In other word, help is always welcome but don’t get distracted.

Ranking in the platform is awesome to take advantage of it. Once you did well and start making passive income then ranking is great because it gives your readers an idea that you are doing well in your business and your answers will mean more.


My solution and conclusion

Distraction is a thief. Do not let it rob you of your time, your means, yourself, effort, ambitions, and productivity. Nip it in the bud. Pack it into or stuff it in a bottle and throw it out to sea. Only if you live by the ocean. If not bury it and don’t put a mark on it. You won’t find it too soon.

In all seriousness don’t get distracted from what is going to make you rich. Don’t make other people rich including your boss. Having said that do not quit your day time job before you can make more than you’re currently making before firing your boss. Be your own boss only when it is confirmed that you can fire your boss.

Let’s not worry about the comments and like on social media but out real comments on our online business. We know that the more the comments we have on our website the more the authority we have and that increases our brand and trust. So, let’s eliminate distractions and grow your online business.

You can reward yourself after everyone post with some comments. To build your brand and trust in your online business.

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, questions, or like to educate me, please feel free to do so. I love learning new things.


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16 thoughts on “Distraction is a Thief.”

  1. I can totally relate to this! I work from home, however I am always getting distracted one way or another.
    So I decided to put some ground rules in place.
    I leave the TV off during the daytime and I put my phone on silent. I try to check social media only 3 times a day… morning, noon and night.
    I work when my kids are at school so I can spend time with them afterwards. I have to treat it like a normal job outside of the home, otherwise I’d get nothing done!

    • Yes, prioritize is a great way to put distractions in its place. I am glad I am not the only one who is easily get distracted. Thank you for visiting.

  2. Hi, this is a great article and I agree with you 100%. Right now my main distractions are either my phone or my stomach constantly asking for food. I tried getting rid of my phone when I’m working but I have all my information there and is pretty much a must for most of the time. My other distraction is TV. I love to eat while I watch tv but I’ve noticed that if I want to be productive, I have to eat with the tv off.
    Great article. Thanks for the info.

    • Hi, Sandy thanks for visiting me. I am glad you have prioritized your time to benefit you. That’s how we do it. We must be strong and not get distracted when there are so many of them.

  3. Hello, I have to agree fully with you, distraction steals our goals. I am Brazilian and I live in Boston. I am studying English but there is always something that distracts me, many times the thought is far from where I am. But focus should be the priority. Thank you for sharing your vision on this topic, I think it is important for us to read about it because we often do not realize that we are betraying ourselves.

    • Hi, Flaivio that’s right, stay focus and you can do anything. Stay focus on your studies and you will go far. Thank you for coming to visit me. I appreciate your time.

  4. I love this! Eliminating the distractions that most of us face on a day-to-day basis is an important step to reaching optimum productivity and efficiency. I believe this goes not only for our own businesses, but also for other aspects in life such as personal goals, healthy relationships, and physical and mental health.

    Modern-day distractions I made to be addictive, and when you pay no attention to them you then begin to realise just how unnecessary they are. There are many ways to have fun, relax, unwind, and reduce stress whilst effectively working for yourself to achieve the things you want to in life!

    Thank you so much for sharing this, I hope this message will reach many more people to come, and I’m sure it will.


    (P.S. I like your creative writing style – keep it up!) 🙂

    • Hi, James thank you for your generous words. There are so many distractions that are out there but if we prioritize better we can stay focus to finish one task at a time.

      Thank you for the visit. Have a great day!

  5. I often work from home. My biggest distractions are my husband and my dog. Not in that order, lol. My husband, who also works from home, often will walk into my office and start talking to me about something which pulls me from my train of thought entirely. What helps is that I tell him in advance that I need a couple of distraction free hours to accomplish my goal. Being more specific such as between the hours of 11 AM to 2 PM also helps. This way, he’s got the heads up. During that time, I will place my earphones over my head and listen to “music for concentration and focus” off of YouTube while I’m working. It works for me!

    • Hi there, Anne, that’s a great idea. It’s like setting up appointments with your husband. I’m sure he understands as he also works from home with you and knows that you both need individual time to finish your projects.

      I like that, that is awesome. Thanks for visiting Anne. It would be great to tell your dog to leave you alone for a couple of hours. ?

  6. Excellent article Kelly!
    I loved it when you wrote, ” It will make you a better person making real coins, not fake ones.”
    And also “we don’t care about the comments that make other people rich we care about the comments that make us rich. Who wants to make real money? Yes, you do and you can.”

    You are right. The best thing to eliminate distraction is to simplify your life. Hit that “unistall button”. Perfect. I stopped renewing my cable TV for the past 2 years – GoodBye Major Distraction! And I really don’t miss TV at all.

    Unless we eliminate the distractions, they will always be “buzzing” in the background. So do like me, and cancel all your services!

    • Hey Kaju, thank you for the generous words! You know I have no cable TV for over 5 years now. I just watched over the air with the local channels to see what is going on around me.

      Seriously it’s true. Why make other people rich when you can make yourself rich. No brainer.

      Thank you for stopping by to visit me, I am flattered.

  7. Hello Kelyee. I can relate to these distractions very much. I seem to fail at training my school-going kids to be more independent. I am still trying though. Trying to ignore their every call for “Mom, please help me find my…”. Well. it is not my stuff to find 😉 No matter how busy we are, we need to find time for ourselves – time for doing nothing. Take care, Kelyee.

    • Hi, Sharon thanks for visiting me. Yeah, that’s kids for you. 🙂 And husbands lol what are they going to do without us? It’s like “honey I can’t find the duck tape.” So I go and find the duck tape he can’t find in the same drawer, I told him about. He’s robbing my time from my work thief’s accomplice. That’s a distraction I don’t need but have to do because for the life of him he can’t find it. lol

      Thanks again for taking the time to visit me.


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