Do You Get Depression, Let’s Do Something About It

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Do you get depression? How do you handle it? What do you do? How do you cope? Many people have depression and they think they are fine. Maybe they are in denial. Isn’t being in denial IS part of depression? Wow, so many questions and so little answers. When a person gets depressed they tend to pretend they are happy.

Just like Robin Williams, he makes everyone laughs and he’s pretty funny. He was one of my favorite comedians/actors. He died having Lewy body dementia which contributes to his depression and early stage of Parkinson’s Disease. No one knew he was depressed. The public didn’t know he was depressed.

He was funny, made everyone laughed, had a happy family, and pretty much had more money than we make a year, maybe two years. Who knew that the funny man would end up taking his own life.

Point being, if you are depressed talk to someone. Talk to a stranger or sign up to a platform use a pen name and start a conversation. Who knows there could be more depressed people out there to talk with.

Many Forms Of Depression

There are many forms of depression and it ranges from mild to severe. Well, let me start with some depression that I know about. These are:

Situational depression, this is brought on from death to someone close to you. A traumatic incident that accords and you feel sad all the time. It can be another specific event such as going through a divorce. Constant bullying in the workplace.

Seasonal depression is brought on by as it sounds, seasonal. Let’s say some people are sad when it rains the sky is always too gloomy for them. And they prefer a sunnier place but is stuck there because of a spouses job. Especially hard on children when they feel they are stuck in a new place because their parents moved.

Moving from a familiar place to a new area with new faces is a culture shock for them. Even young children can develop depression.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) I am so glad I don’t have this somehow my daughter got it and when she does, run for the hills! This is the period before the actual period and this caused irritation, mood swings, anxiety, sleepless nights, bloating, cramps, and headaches.

Prenatal depression, I had this bad took me almost a year to get rid of. This is called the postpartum depression, the sadness of after giving birth. I thought I was going crazy. Being a first-time mom I was consistently worried about the safety of my child. Thinking I can’t take care of her.

Kept thinking I’ll probably smoother her to her demise or dropped her tiny body to the floor. I was a nut case. I had anger and rage and cried all the time. That year was so bad.

Not only was I consistently think that my family needs more money. She going to grow up with nothing and always looking to find more work. Mostly stay at home mom kind of work. Before my 30 days of purification was over I found a job selling of brand perfume that smells like the high-end perfume. That’s another story.

Other major depression, persistent depression, manic depression with bipolar, or depressive psychosis please seek professional services help.

What Other’s Have to Say

Seek professional help. Go see a psychiatrist they are trained, medical doctors who can prescribe medications if needed. They will find a psychologist to help with behavioral intervention. They deal with emotional mental suffering and psychotherapy.

Some people need more help than others. If you have anyone you know going through depression help them by seeking help. Of course, they will hate you for it now but will thank you later.

Look for depression hotline in your area. I many places it’s called the suicide prevention hotline.Depression binds you

According to some people I’ve interviewed:

Shang says, “Depression, not wanting to eat, can’t sleep, the brain is constantly on the go. All I wanted to do was cry. Sometimes I was thinking about ways to die. The easy way, something that I wouldn’t feel while I was dying. I couldn’t get myself up to do anything and all I could do was cry and cry. I had to force myself to eat if not I didn’t eat cus I didn’t feel hungry.”

Ka Ying  (translated from the Hmong language), “Everything you eat is tasteless. The sun is always stabbing my heart. My head is always in a cloud. When people speak to me it seems like they are so far away, always sounding off. I feel like I am in a barrel and people are just banging none stop. I can’t sleep and I can’t eat but I have to, for my children.”

Shifting in her seat in deep thoughts. “I don’t want to live my life I want to end it but I think about you guys.” Looking at me with tears in her eyes. ” I told myself to cheer up I still have a lot of children to take care off.”

In my mother’s eyes, we are still incapable of taking care of ourselves. Her youngest is 29 and the oldest is in the early 40s. Yet to her we are still her babies and that what kept her living for, for her 7 children, 9 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.

Victoria, “Depression isn’t an easy thing to talk about. It’s not something you can just sit down and talk to someone without them judging you. They think you’re crazy or just making things up because we want attention. So, just because you can’t see my disability that means that it doesn’t exist?”

“People are very judgemental they don’t understand what you are saying if they never were or is in the situation. I don’t like talking about it.”

Crystal, “depression is being treated like you don’t exist. when I was 13, I thought about suicide. being 13 and my own mother hates me. telling me that the only reason she kept me around was for the welfare check.

when I asked why she didn’t let me go live with my father, she said cause my father loves me and not Kel so she was teaching me a lesson by loving Kel and being a bitch to me.

according to my mother, I was worthless and cannot compare to her older daughter. when her older daughter is to get married, she demands $10k but for me, she said she will be lucky is she got a can of Pepsi. at 13, this was my depression.

if life is this horrible, I hate to see my future. I stole money from the mother to buy lunch and school supplies to the point where I ditched school. I have no school supplies so I ditched school.

I can’t get school supplies until the older sister needs supplies to cause the older daughter is smarter than me. why waste money on someone who is dumb. The stepfather stole my pens pencil and paper for his daughter cause according to him, I’m too stupid for school and supplies. he’s taking it to his smart daughter instead.

when I was 14, I met a guy who took care of me. buy me school supplies. first time I actually thought life was worth it. took off with him at 15. then realize the mistake. he became abusive.

life sucks. took some medicine to OD. Fucker came home, saw open pill bottle, he punched and kicked the fuck out of me. threw up medicine. kept throwing up. found out I was 5 months pregnant at 16.

turned to my family for support cause I need to leave him. mother closed the door in my face as I passed out outside her front door. went back to abusive life while the guy and his mother call her all sort of names and I was a whore, that the baby is not his.

Life sucks. thought about abortion but fetus too big. thought about giving up for adoption. but foster home overcrowded. what if my kid is treated badly. end up keeping the kid.

my life is no longer mine but my kid. I traded mt sucky life to make sure my kid life isn’t sucky. so, from a depressed sucky life, I now have a meaning. my depression was kicked because of the surprise kid at 16.”

Crystal has now found peace. She is married with children, a beautiful family, and a loving husband.

Let’s Take A Trip

Do something by yourself leave the pretty ugly city, the noise pollution of guilt and hate, dirty nasty air pollution, and all the free radicals clogging your beautiful complexion and take a breather from it all. That’s what causing your breakouts.

Take a drive to the countryside. Take in the scenery. Look how the tall old tree is waving at you. It’s been a while since you came back to visit the countryside. You, reminisce back to while you were younger having the time of your life where there was nothing to worried about.

The only thing you are to worry about was who you were going to scare and have lots of fun. You see how the old tree had grown so tall. Now its trunk isn’t green-brown as it used to be. Now if you look closely you can see that mother nature has been tough on him. His once young green-brown trunk has fallen dark brown with streaks of black old bark running up and down his trunk.

He looked aged and uncontrolled branches like grandchildren running from his old trunk. However, he is happy and content to see you back.

Do you see the brushes they have tiny flowers shying away from you oh, but not afraid? It’s the first time they are seeing you, they are shy. Whispering and giggling from the happiness and glee that they are having a visitor.

Even the old cactus that doesn’t even acknowledge you came alive. Don’t make fun of it, it’s prickly in personality.

Even the road you’re traveling on is making a path for you to take. Feel the love. Feel the breezes that dancing wildly on your car, face, and hair.

All the colors of the rainbow are here. Just look and you’ll see. See that you are beautiful, you are enough, you are worth it, and you are resilient. Be you, be free, and be amazing. Feel the winds beneath your feet and stand tall. You are cover.

Have friends night, close friends, open up. Today you stop building walls and start chiseling it down. Help your friend find you in your deep hole that the wall is covering you.

Step out of the dark and into the light. The first step is the hardest of your plight. But it’s a start to bringing down depression.

Break these shackles that bind you down. You are stronger than you think.

It is hard to do things like that when you think that your business is your business only and anyone who doesn’t understand can go stick their ugly nose somewhere else.

The first step and learning to ask.

Stay busy learn a new trade. Ask me how I can point you in the right direction.


My solution and conclusion

The point is to stay active, seek help, talk to your friends, friend or stranger who has no idea who you are. Living along with depression is hard. It’s even harder when you need help.

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, questions, or like to inform me of any updates, please feel free to do so.

My thoughts

This is my make money online (MMO) website and like everyone else I trying to make a living and want to make some sales, however, after the many interviews I recently had, I think that this is a very sensitive topic to incorporate sales into. I hope you all find peace and love in your mind because all your family and friends are loving you. We see your pain and suffering.

They, we tried to help but are pushed away because as most of you say “you don’t understand” please understand that we are trying.



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I am not a Doctor or Psychologists. I am professional gathering information for entertainment purposes. Please seek a certified medical professional to help if you are or think you are depressed. 

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Many forms of depression

14 thoughts on “Do You Get Depression, Let’s Do Something About It”

  1. This post is actually really personal to me, I think depression and mental health is something that should definitely be spoken about more.

    Reading it was a breath of fresh air and reminder of how far we have all come,

    Thankyou Kelyee.

    • Hi Joe, I am glad that you are in a healing process and moving forward and upward.

      I think that it’s a topic that is very sensitive to others and they don’t want to talk about it they can read about it and maybe learn something from it.

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. Thank you Kelyee for writing about depression. Lots of people suffer from it. I personally believe that depression shows up when in our childhood we lost our sense of self, our deepest connection with our vital Self when the adults around us where not emotionally available to our feelings and experiences. We had to suppress in order to not loose the love of our parents, our teachers etc. It’s sad as this happens to most of us. Something that was lost can never be regained, we were not met and understood with love always when we were chidden. As soon as we start to see, own and understand the truth of our past we slowly but surely start to connect with our Real Self, the one with authentic and raw feelings day in day out…We start to wake up to what is showing up within ourselves every single moment and become aware and embrace / love it…This is where depression can be healed. With lots of love and patience and guidance. Thank you again for sharing.

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, I believe that the sooner we realize we have a problem the sooner we can start the healing process.

      If we are in denial then we will always be in pain no matter what we do.

  3. This is a thoughtful and informative post about a very important subject. Everyone experiences depression from time to time so it’s important that we de-stigmatize this mental health condition.

    Don’t be concerned about making sales in this area. You provide valuable information, it’s only fair that you be compensated for your time and effort.

    • Hi, thanks for the kind words. Depression is a sensitive, touchy subject that I thought I could just talk about it and not worry about making a few cents.

      Thank you for stopping by. Not everyone has the same kind of depression some are mild and some are major.

      Let’s connect and talk about it. Take care.

  4. Depression is something I have seen a lot as a registered nurse and have had to face with loved ones who were suffering. Its so hard for those suffering and I am glad to see it more openly discussed.

    • Thank you for coming by. My mom has depression and for the longest time, she kept it to herself.

      As we, her children grew up and aged she was able to talk about it. I found out that my whole family has some kind of depression and we all kept it to ourselves.

      I thought maybe I should be the first to bring it up.

      Thank you for the comment.

  5. Thanks for creating awareness on depression. Went through it at a certain point in my life and it definitely isn’t the best place to be in. With that said, I think getting support is important and we can definitely move out of the darkness.

    • Hey Kenny, yeah sure you’re welcome. I think keeping something as bad as depression a secret can really eat at you.

      It not what others want to talk about. But if we try to open up maybe we can open that door a little wider.

      Thanks for the comment.

  6. Hi Kelyee, depression is a tough experience to work through. Thankfully, I have overcome it’s grip twice in my life. The suicidal thoughts are the scariest to know that they are so closely linked with depression, making you have blinkers on where you can’t see beyond those dark thoughts. Until somehow I did, I got support, let someone in, worked through the darkness and overcome it. It is possible. I feel like I am in such a better place than my younger years when I experienced depression. It has taken a lot of personal growth and work, but it is possible. Thanks for sharing a challenging but important post and bring awareness to depression and mental health.

    • Hi, Kat, I am glad that you overcame depression and on a better and healthier path to your future. I hope that when people read my post they will open up to their loved ones and ask for help. I hope that one day, sooner than later open up that door and let someone in to help and support them. Thanks for coming by and commenting on my post. Have a great day.

  7. I was really taken aback when I heard that Robbin William had depression and took his own life! I mean… he was always so funny! When I learnt about this news, I felt rather sad as I was thinking all along behind his laughter and funny faces on screen, he was actually feeling sad alone.It must be tough for him trying to put on a happy front!

    I have learnt quite a lot from reading this post especially on the recommended ways to overcome this illness. I think it will benefit a lot of people!

    • Hi Lynn, depression is tough to keep a smiling face when all you can think about is thoughts of sadness and mental pain. However, Robin Williams did it and a lot of people carry a happy front but inside they are dying.

      Thank you for commenting Lynn. I really appreciated it.


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