Here Are 5 Ways to Get Yourself Prepared


Everyone Knows What They Want!

But no one tells you how to get started?

Here are 5 ways to get yourself prepared!

I remembered sitting myself down and self-reflecting. What does it take to get me out from relying on only my job security? With that very thought in mind, I had a vision, idea, and a phenomenon. I want to make more money! Simply as that, the more money I have, the better off I’ll be. But how? How do I even start? I’m in debt and I mean combined with my expenses.

It will take me the rest of my years trying to come up with the money to save, invest, and produce. It took me half of the year with no mentors, no coach, no friends, no family to figure out how much time for me to be taught.  Am I capable of teaching myself to get started? Here is the first step I took.

1. Get Inspired!

When I was in my long process figuring out how to make more income as a part-time student and a full-time worker. My wondering mind had visions, ideas, dreams into becoming the person I was meant to be. However, first things first I needed to get inspired which meant I needed a mentor. I took it upon myself to be my own mentor, but what did I know? Nothing really! So, just like everyone else.

I relied on As I was searching YouTube for “Passive income” or “Side Hustles” or “Investing.” I stumble upon Wealthy Affiliate. 

Now, keep in mind that a mentor does not need to be a person, but it can be a book, a video, or a picture. Regardless of my choice, I found something to look forward to where my mentor increases my awareness of where I wanted to be.

Many support later I can finally say “hey I found something that is going to work.”

2. Change Your Mind Set!

I went through as many videos until I realized there is so many information out on the web about how to get started, how to make money online, build my own business, and webinars that are really helpful. I became overwhelmed with all the contents, pictures, and videos. I found myself standing in a crossroad trying to figure out where to start.

However, I finally slow down and just take the training slowly and carefully understand what I was doing.  It changed my whole perspective because I soon realized when there are many things that I didn’t know.  It made me track of my goals, which was to make passive income.

When I was making my vision board. I got excited because I need to prioritize my goals when I make my vision board I used sticky note pads to stick my goals on my whiteboard, write down my agenda for the day, Make some time for my blog, and do research on what I will be writing about.

Anything that helps me remember my goal will help obtain that goal. I placed a vision board in front of my desk, I set my goal on my cellphone home screen, and on my laptop screen because those were the three main places I am always at.

3. Challenge  Yourself!

Sometimes, I get distracted and the agenda that are reminders for me to reach my goals becomes white space right into lala land. I had to slap myself back together again and motivate myself. I started to challenge myself. I wrote down the things I needed to do to successfully discipline myself and three things I wrote down was:

  1. Drink water when I wake up.
  2. Read my goals out loud.
  3. Listen to motivational speakers.

I only had to do three things and honestly, IT WAS STILL SO HARD TO DO. But I had too if I wanted to reach my goals. Which I guess was working on to reach my goals. I started to make my own playlist of songs to motivate me when its time to get down to business.

4. Organize Yourself!

This is the part I liked the most. I highly recommend listening to music. I don’t mean rock my world music but calming music, concentration music. If you like classical that is great, or even a podcast where there are motivational speakers comes to the station to talk about their own dilemma and how they conquer their demons to get to where they are today.

We don’t think about this, which we should but organizing your apps to Most used (YouTube, Google Maps, Etc), Apps (Instagram, Facebook, Games), and Important Apps (Excel, Bank, Docs ) is interestingly beneficial. Then you do the same thing with your computer, tablet, etc, and continue with your room and so on.

Organizing your stuff helps you feel as if you’ve achieved something and with the process in reaching your goal. You are literally understanding the achievements in completing something and trust me you will feel motivated to keep going.

5. Document Yourself!

Now, this is where the journey starts. You’ve done something. Congratulations! You’ve come a long way. This is where you actually start because you’ve cleaned up your mindset and are ready to come out of your comfort zone. It gives you a piece of mind for real action. Write down the steps on how you need to start reaching your goals. Instead of the three things you listed to make a new one and stretch out the possibilities. Here is how I did it:

Six-figure income?

You can do this! But HOW are you going to do this? You can choose from the options I have down below. Which one would benefit you?


  • Need to graduate from college.


  • Get find a high paying job.


I don’t think we need a fourth or a fifth one. Don’t get me, wrong folks, education is very important. Making Money Online While in College Should I even need another side hustle? No, too many projects going on. Keeping your goals in tack will make you better at achieving your goals.

Journal a detailed to-do list for yourself that gets you one day closer to your goal. Just remember this step will take years to achieve unless your super motivated and have the network, then it may take a year, but this step is the hardest.

Now that you know how to do the intro, the storyline, the tutorial in the 5 ways to be proactive. Take your time because someone once told me,

“Everyone has there own motion.”

And I believe it… because I’ve reached my “need to find a high paying job” to do list and it has made me successfully with being financially independent. I’m not rich, but I can support myself. Now I just need to finish my other two.

Just a reminder this takes time and a lot of your patience. Use the 5 steps to become proactive to teach yourself time management.

There is always a reason and a way to portray these steps in helping you with your daily life. This is how I got started, I hope that this will also help you get started.

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