How Much Does Hosting A Website Cost

Do you know how much does hosting a website cost? Stay tuned and I will try my very best to answer that question for you.

I won’t talk about others because I have done the research for you and believe me, you want to know what I know. If you have already done your research and stumble onto mine great you know what I’m talking about. But if not and this is your first finding, read on.

The reason I won’t talk about the other is a wise man once told me, “do not leave money on the table.” You should be monetizing it on your website. And you should only endorse what they pay you to do.

There are many to chose from. There are some factors you would need to consider:

  • What kind of website do you professional?
  • Do you want it to be professional looking?
  • Is it going to benefit you if you have a website?
  • Where do you want it to host?
  • Who’s the best?
  • The million-dollar question.
  • How much is it going to cost?  This will answer your question but read on for the best!

Read on to see if it’s right for you. You don’t have to take my word for it just READ MY REVIEW HERE and make an informed decision based on your needs.

What Kind of website do You want?

Design a website

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Why do you want a website in the first place? Do you want to share your thoughts? A rambling site? Or share your experience with the world? Do you have a hobby you want to share? A service to provide. Or just a blog.

What ever the case is you want a website and you want to know how to get started.

Do You Want Your Website to Look Professional?

Every person who wants or needs to have a website wants their need site to look professional. I don’t know but it’s just more pleasing to read and look at. So, yes your website must be professional and sophisticated. No one wants to visit a site that is badly made.

You can keep it simple or elaborated but it has to be relevant to your niche. Just saying. I personally don’t want to come to your website researching handbags and find a perfume site. It would confuse me and others.

Will a Website Benefit Your Needs?

Why do you need a website anyway? Are you going to waste your money just to have a website to sit there and have bragging rights?

Of course not. You have something to share with the world. A service to provide. If you have a store, tell them your products, provide a location, and contact info.

Where Do You want to Host Your Website

The best host is keeping your website safe, is a big deal! Now you’re looking at hosting price and what service that comes with having your website hosted.

What do I mean by that? For you advanced people who know, it great, but for us newbie, who are in the learning process wants to know if the host will provide all the security like SSL to protect us from being hack. Does it backup your website?

To prevent spammers from making useless comments or trolling. Does It help on site speed and other support. Like technical support.

These are a few things to remember when looking for a web hoster.

Who is the Best at Hosting Your Website?

Good vibes only

It’s about who do you think is best for your needs. Because if you want to blog and keep it simple any hoster is best.

You can get a free website with a cheaper host for as low as $2.75+ a month that’s simple. Or you can get a hosted by the big brand name for $80 to $800 a month, dedicated. It’s your money use it wisely.

The Million Dallor Question? How much?

Like, I mentioned earlier it’s your money. It’s your website, do what ever you want but make sure you pick a niche and keep on point. Do you want to pay little and get little or no support or you want to pay a high amount and still get little or no support?

If you ask me, I pay only $399 for my website to be hosted with free SSL, technical support 24/7, a great community of mentors for feedback, live chat with real time folks just like you, me, and the professional that had been doing this for years, and the amount of education that comes with $399 + my websites equal $451 dollars.

Guess what these numbers are per year, annually NOT monthly. Live webinar from our expert weekly. From how to start your website from scratch in 30 seconds. Not kidding.


You can read my review READ IT HERE! on wh, you should sign up and take this journey. Everything is going to cost something but I can tell you that this will change your life! You will love it there. It’s free to start and you can take your time building, learning, and feedback to help you do or design better.

There you have it I hope this help with, how much does hosting a website cost?

I’m here to help. Need me? See you on the other side. I’ll be waiting.

Thank you for stopping by and helping me out. I really appreciate you and I know your time is as valuable as mine. If I haven’t answered any of your burning questions. Or wrote a satisfying post please don’t be shy.

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