How to Pick a Niche for Anything You’re Passionate About.


Many bloggers, when starting out know how to pick a niche for their blog. For the rest of us who has no idea what we want to blog about has to sit back and think, what do I want to talk about?

Thinking is great but it’s time-consuming. Let’s say you just like to talk, what do you talk about? For many of us, it’s just verbiage and it comes easily. What about the introvert who just wants to put their products out there to leave it and forget about it.

That’s who I am. I never like talking to people. People scare me even frightened me. I mean no one care about anything that is happening around them. They are just so busy looking down at their smartphones and not care about what’s ahead of them.

We are so hooked up on our mobile phones that we just don’t care anymore. That’s why people scare me to death. However, that could an advantage. Let’s take a look.

Niches Everywhere if You Know Where to Look!

That is a niche in its own right there. Why people don’t care for the world around them. Or what is so interesting on your smartphone that you can’t even look up to see the beautiful nature and people around you? I understand you have to work but really?

Whatever niche you are in you can always find something to talk about since you are always on your smartphone anyway. I am writing this article with my smartphone. Yes, you can. Ah, this could be a topic to write about if you’re into selling cell phones accessories. This could be a niche.

Makes me want to write to people like you because I’m making some kind of money while your just reading. Sounds good to me. Wanna try it? It’s a training for 7 days and if you like it to become premium if not hey, thanks for trying it out. Check it out.

How about little trinkets and other decorative accessories that can make your smartphone look pretty and smart at the same time. Would that be awesome? Just think about it. Your very own online business selling products you love.

Health and Beauty. That’s a huge niche you can go into. Everyone is looking for the next big thing to look like a celebrity and build or tone those flabby problem part of the body everyone wants to get rid off.

Health products to use for stamina and endurance. Bodybuilders information library on the internet by you.

Beauty products that are trending. You can show people where to buy it for cheap and look as good. Something to consider when everyone is on a budget.

The fishing niche I know a lot about fishing. My brothers are into fishing. It’s a great pass time even my mom is into it.

Hunting niche show people where to go, which part is the safest, and brag about the day and how you got your prey. I hear the story time.

Gun niche show people your collections. What your likes and dislikes. Which gun or rifle to use with different types of animals.

Hot rod talks about your clubs who support you and how you can help others make well-informed decisions on, designs and materials. Who you would recommend for a body paint job.

A Hobbyist can talk about what they are passionate about.

Oh handmade jewelry everyone women out there love to wear jewelry even men love to wear them. And many many more. You just need to pick one of your favorite ones and just talk about it.

Where to Look?

The best place to start is Google. Google can be your best friend. You can type in anything that you are interested in and click enter something magical happens. It will populate everything from images, a place to buy it from, and images. Try it, it’s will be fun.

Bing and Yahoo are also great search engines to start doing your niche research. Some people never consider using them because Google is king. But have you considered that Mac uses Bing as their default browser? Did you know all PCs have Bing as their default browser too? Well then use them as well.

Yandex is another browser you can try. I haven’t use much of it but it’s out there and you can leverage that too. I have an email account with them.

What I like to use is Jaaxy. What is Jaaxy you asked? Jaaxy is a keyword search tool that I used almost every day to look for keywords and niche to write about.

When writing about a topic Jaaxy is a tool I use to pick a topic that is hot and trending at the moment and tells me how much, competitors are competing with me. If there are too many competitors it will show me the less competitive keyword to write about. This is a great tool to use. I really recommend it.

Try it here. You are going to love it.

Final Tip

This is my review for Wealthy Affiliate read it before you commit. It’s really that good if you are ready if not it’s not for you, yet. 🙂

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, you can research your niche to see if it is the latest trend. I have already told you what niche you can go into. I have given some ideas that you can start off with and write about endless topics.

I have shown you where to search for the keywords. The possibility of finding a niche is all around you. Technology today is awesome. Even an introvert like myself did it. I could only imagine how the extrovert will do. You guys are who I envy.

Jaaxy has always been my go to, to find a keyword to talk about. So use it and use it well because that will rank your article with Google and get your website indexed.

Oh yes, my final tip. Just do it! You won’t regret it.

Success starts with you. Take that step forward. The hardest step is the first step. I can’t help you if you won’t let me.

My solution and conclusion

This why we are looking to better ourselves. It isn’ t the suitcase of money it is what the suitcase is holding. Money isn’t everything but it helps you lessen your burden. The burden of helplessness, trapped, and less active.


We teach everyone to become better at what you are into and your passion and turn it into a niche that you can market and get extra cash passively.

So you see folks how to pick a niche for anything you’re passionate about is not impossible. Make it possible by taking charge of your life and do something about it.

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, questions, or like to educate me, please feel free to do so. I love learning new things.


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2 thoughts on “How to Pick a Niche for Anything You’re Passionate About.”

  1. Great niche ideas! What do you think about the so called “evergreen” niches? I hear making money online and fat loss are like this. I think the idea is that there always a growing audience but I think they seem very hard to compete in, don’t you think?

    • Those are great ideas but as you mentioned they are also a very competitive niche. You would have to SEO your keywords to the max for competition. Don’t worry though we have a program you can take that will show you how to use low competitive keywords to help you rank. We have you cover.


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