Jaaxy Research, Huh?

You’re surfing through the world wide web (www) and you ran into the word Jaaxy, huh? What is that? What is Jaaxy? What does it do? All you know if you found a review about wealthy affiliate and they say use jaaxy it’s the best keyword search and you must use it.

I will tell you what Jaaxy is today.

What is Jaaxy Research, Huh?

What Jaaxy research is, Jaaxy research is a keyword search tool that is exclusively in wealthy affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has a great development team that works endless hours to help our business thrive.

There is a free version which works perfectly well for any niche type blogs. However, if your website is making you money then you would want to go pro, the paid version. Why? Because Jaaxy research pro has more advanced searches and well do a lot more.

The way to use Jaaxy research is when you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate. When you sign up you have access to Jaaxy. You can search for all the keyword you want. However, you are limited to using it for the first 7 days.

When you become a premium of wealthy affiliate you get the Jaaxy research lite version. This is the one you use if you don’t want the paid version. I myself use the lite version. It works well with me at the moment.

Okay, now you ask so what is a keyword?

What is a Keyword?

When you use Google to search for, let’s say: “how to make money online.” That is your keyword phrase. Jaaxy research well come up with that keyword phrase and show you how it is ranked in Google.

Jaaxy isn’t just one-word keyword search it can also be phrases and it has to make grammatical sense. Why? It’s because we want the SEO (search engine optimization) to rank high so Google can recognize your article. Make it page one and rank number one. That’s what we want.

Once Google ranked your article on page one and rank one that means that you’ll have more traffic meaning, a lot of visitors will be coming to your website. Don’t be discouraged if your article isn’t number one but on page one that is still good. Not a lot of newbie get to page one.

Don’t concentrate on making your content number one. Concentrate on writing content. That’s what Google loves. However, Google loves 1000+ articles. As of now, Google would like the content to be 2000+. Don’t worry though if you are starting out don’t sweat it.

When you get your article indexed it means that your article and your site will have more authority. Meaning your website is trusted, and more users, visitors.

Having said that it takes practice and hard work to get to number one. That’s why we have Jaaxy research tool to help us get there.

Check Jaaxy Research here. Start here. Play with it.

What Else Does Jaaxy Research do?

So, Jaaxy research does not only help you find keywords. Jaaxy is many things. Let’s say that you are looking to find a name for your website and you can’t come up with one or that you did and wants to know if your name is available. You just type that name in and Jaaxy will let you know if it is.

Jaaxy will let you know if the .com is available if not there are the .net, .org, .info. See the sample below. The sample domain name is travel for less.

Jaaxy gives you the:

  • Avg. Average the keyword searched a month.
  • Traffic is the ranked number if you achieve rank 1 in the search engines.
  • QSR (quoted search results) is numbers of competing for the exact same keyword in Google.
  • KQI (keyword quality indicator) it has red for poor, yellow is OK, and green for great. See image below.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) has a scale of 0-100 the higher the number the better. It’s a competition and traffic score for your keyword or website on the first page.
  • Domain name searches to see if your website name is available. See example on top.

As you can see it has more than enough to make you use it for all your needs.

You might want to use Site Rank a lot because you want to know where your posts are ranked. It gives you information on Googles, Yahoo, and Bing. So you know exactly where you are ranked at.

You can also save all your keywords in Jaaxy and export a list for you so you know which keyword you used and not repeat the same one over again. It is very useful especially if you had been writing for a while and don’t remember if you had written about a keyword you aren’t sure about.

Learn the alphabet soup keyword search. Input a keyword and start with A, B, C at the end or the beginning of the keyword to see what Jaaxy recommend for you. Makes you feel like your back in grades school but better, you’re trying to make money now. 🙂

There is a brainstorm section when the keyword you are searching for comes to a dead end. Look at what Jaaxy had come up with, some alternatives you can choose from. So if you are at lost you can rephrase the keyword or phrase and check what Jaaxy will come up with. Remember it has to make grammatical sense.

You can also search for affiliate programs to see what you want. These are offered from affiliate marketers who offer you services and products on the niche you’re searching for. Always remember to search for the relevant niche to you. You don’t want to confuse your readers.

My Recommendations and Conclusion

My recommendation is to try out wealthy affiliate for 7 days no credit card needed and see if it’s right for you. You can use Jaaxy research to find your domain name and what niche would you like to go into. If you don’t know or have a clue us Jaaxy research to find out if it is a popular topic to go into.

Read my review on Wealth Affiliate here so you can make up your own mind. Click on the find out more for the review.

Also, remember that the popular the niche or domain name the more competitive it is. Use low hanging fruit method. But that’s another article. See you on the next post!

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, questions, or like to educate me, please feel free to do so. I love learning new things.

This is what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer you when you are ready. This isn’t a push. Jaaxy is a great tool. It’s up to you if it’s what you want to do.


This is based on my research and from using Jaaxy. You’ll find some ads and links on my website. When clicking on a link I might get a small commission from them. Please read my affiliate disclaimer here.


If you like to contact me, please visit me at my Wealthy Affiliate profile for more info.


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