Making Money Online While in College

You’re a college student and you are looking to make money online while in college. How do you do it? If you keep reading I will show you how you can. Have you heard about affiliate marketing? I will help you leverage that to make some passive income and pay for your college tuition, maybe.

It depends on how hard you work. Yes, there’s always a catch. Nothing is given to you. Working hard will pay off. Just like how you are going to college. Why do you go to college?

You go to college because you want a better life. You want to get good grades and graduate with honors to get some major corporations attention.

That piece of paper is really important. You take that piece of paper and wave to them with bragging rights. Hey, look at me I can be taught in your industry and if you hire me I am willing to slave I mean work for you!

Reality Bites.

The reality is what all of us are goes through the motion of,  “if it’s not broken why fix it” correct? In reality, we are taught to go get an education so we can get a job, a career (if you really love what you are doing) and then finally, settling down. Some people settle down before getting a job.

For whatever the reasons are, you do what you have to do to live. And for some people, it just too hard to part from the culture of the middle class.

We gear towards what worked for generations and are afraid to challenge ourselves for something new. I get that. It took me a while to commit to change and to challenge the unknown.

This is only for the brave. If you want to live the proven path of reality, stay. I am not forcing you to change. Stop reading now because for what I am about to tell you-you cannot handle this other reality.

Another proven reality that is hardly spoken off. It will totally scared you so much you will not want to do anything about it. I want you to take a deep breathe and read the next part. When you are ready to read on.

Making money online

Yes, you can make money online. If making money online does not compute with you. Because making money online while still in college seems impossible you might want to rethink that. Let’s see why you might think that.

MLM, multi-level marketing, might come to mine. Because first, they want you to pay a fee. Nees to pay that fee because if you don’t you’re not a member and only members get access to ask for help. Once you pay that fee they want you to bug the hell out of your family and friends.

Now your family despises you when they already hated you. To top it all off now your friends are avoiding you when they already weren’t talking to you, to begin with. So you see that discourage you from even mentioning what you’re doing anyway.

I know first hand of what it is like to be in an MLM. Now just because it didn’t work for me whos to say it wouldn’t work for you. If that worked for you more power to you. It isn’t my cup of tea to harass others to try it out, not free but with a fee.

It never gave me a time frame to test the water. I’ll show you that you can test it with wealthy affiliate in a bit.

Products selling someone else’s products is still like going door to door selling but the modern times now, we, are doing that online. You’re still selling their products for a commission. It’s not bad if you join their affiliate program and get paid from selling the products and getting paid from the affiliate as well. We can teach you that too in a bit.

Are you interested?

How to join an affiliate with, let’s say Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other major stores so you can get paid. That’s affiliate marketing, yes, we teach that too,

Take a look at my review about wealthy affiliate before you commit. Yes, this is the only platform making money online while in college that you can actually test the water before diving into the unknown. This is the part where you can try it out. And say “hey count me in. I would love to try it out!”

Test the water

This is right for you college folks who think that you might want to give it a try. No fees, no upsell, no pressure, and no bugging your family and friends. Only if you want to help them. Sometimes that’s impossible. Misery loves company.

If you have never heard it before you will know its concept while being a mentor with wealthy affiliate.

Let’s just keep that our little secret until you roll up in your brand new vehicle. (Not guaranteed) Remember it is not a get rich quick scheme but a real online business you are branding.

We teach you the honest truth about having an online business. No shortcuts it’s learning and teaching others to be financially independent.

Hey, if you think this will get you rich by next month. This is not for you. We don’t run scams we build trust, branding, and run a real online business.

What are you waiting for?

Start here for your step by step guide to start your sign up today and I will see you on the inside. Let’s get to know each other. Folks click here to start. I will be waiting for you. I am no robot and I do not hire anyone to write my blog. I am a real human trying to help you out.

Let’s Recap.

Making money online while in college is doable. It does not require a lot of time. You can do this part-time. Just follow the training and soon you’ll get your online business starting in no time.

It takes you 30secs to build a website. Once you sign up with me I will be there for you all the way through your 7 days and help you navigate the wealthy affiliate’s platform. From properly asking for help with your questions. Or when I am busy and I am unavailable to help. I show you where to ask for help. How to use our live chat forum. It’s real-time so you get all your questions answer.

Sometimes if you’re lucky Kyle or Carson will drop in to say hi. That’s a great opportunity to ask them the tough questions no one can help you with. And a great opportunity to introduce yourself. Remember if you are new don’t use capitalization when typing. That’s a form of yelling. I’m sure you already know that.

Get started on your courses right away after you set up your account so we know who you are and what your interests are. Then start your certification courses, lessons. Remember you only have 24/7 for 7 days to try it out. At this time get the lessons down and at the end of the 10th lesson, you can decide if this is for you.

Don’t forget to ask as many questions as you can especially if you are a newbie in affiliate marketing. Even if you are an advanced marketer ask your question anyway. We might add to your knowledge or you might be our newest mentor. You do get pay for being an ambassador mentor. Just in case you were wondering.

Oh, and if you become a premium member, in three months you can make video tutorials and get paid for it as well. See folks there is an endless possibility to make a dime here at wealthy affiliate.

It doesn’t have to be a video it could be a written tutorial for us to follow. Isn’t that awesome.

I know that college folks have too many homework and you have to study. Sure no problem remember you can take your time there’s no rush when you become a premium. As a starter account, you only have 7 days I know I said no rush but folks if this interest you and you can grasp the concept that it’ll be a breeze for you.

You’ll be making passive income from anywhere in the world. Yes, world. There only a handful of countries that can’t do a started account because it’s their country’s regulations. Other than that anyone can start with a stater account. Becoming a premium isn’t bad either I get paid more and you get what you paid for. ^.~

Or finish your education and as long as you put in all your hours, work, and be on time. Next year your boss will be giving a raise for himself!


Listen this is just my opinion and what I know through my own use or research. I just writing to inform you all out there that are looking into making passive income with whomever, whether it is a scam or it is not it depends on your effort, time, patience, dedication, money, and your own research.

The decision maker is you as a whole. No one is making you chose.

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