My Daily Choice, Hempworx Review


Name: My Daily Choice, Hempworx


Year Founded: MDC 2014 Merge with Hempworx 2017

Description: Pyramid system (MLM)

Starter Pricing: $20 activation fee $39 – $599

Monthly: Maintain a 40BV (Business Volume)

Premium: Maintain 40BV

Upsells: None

Owners: Josh Zwagil

Overall Rank: 90%

Recommended: Yes


CBD oil has been on a consistent rise. These products are great with when you have aches and pain, anxiety, depression, and lowering cholesterol to maintaining your glucose levels. I usually never talk about or recommend any until I tried it out myself. However, you can make money selling CBD oil. The product sells itself.

However, I will be talking about Hempworx. Why I chose not to do Hempwox, My Daily Choice.

Hempworx, My Daily Choice.

Hempworx starts out selling sprays brain spray, sleep sprays, energy spray, and others. Their headquarter is in Las Vegas, NV.  They have an app you can download from the play store in Google or iPhone IOS app store. It’s free for 30 days but after that, you have to pay for it.

I thought that was not too happy after that. I couldn’t be logged into my account. I email support and they said I didn’t pay the monthly fee for it so I deleted it.

How does Hempworx work?

Like any MLM it’s where you find people you know and you tell them about how great their products are. Everyone or every company even MLM talks about how wonderful their products are.

You are given a script to read off to start with. These are all great tips and the scripts that actually do work when you talk to the right kind of people. It’s pretty much common sense.

They tell you to sign up for their rally and it can be in a well-known hotel or place i.e Las Vegas, NV. And you have to pay for it even though you are not making any money. These rally boots your mental thinking. Hyoe you up makes you think you are invincible. Yes! You can do it. This is what we do and as long as you listen to us, do exactly as we do it, you will eventually make it to the top! Woohoo!

Folks what you don’t actually see is that they pump you up and send you off and you are all pumped, “I can do this, I can do this!” But when you come home you’re all alone. No one is holding your hand and say cone with me I’ll help you with recruiting. They are not going to say “here we go at this I will recruit myself first and the second it’s your recruit I’ll help you.”

I was in another MLM and that was the straw that broke the camels back. So I thought I went with a recruiter and it was another door to door. Haha, folks, this was 20 odd years ago. Yeah, door to door. That’s what exactly happened. I thought I start with hello this is my name is so and so and this is my recruiter I’m on training and she will be filling you in on the products we have.

I show them a few products and the recruiter delivered the details. I thought oh I got a buyer!

No, you go with them and every recruit you started with and they took over, it’s theirs. I thought I was over the MLM business. Nope, I was fooled yet once again.

Hey, I let it happened. Do not let it happened to you!

Hempwox is different, everything is online. So before you start to recruit people they (your recruiter) gives you get a script. Just follow the script. Then find 20 family and friends to bug well try to convince them that they can sell hemp CBD oil.

Once they said “no” bug them again the second thine in a couple of days. Then if that doesn’t work email them once they are curious about the CBD oil and signs up.

Then you are to bombard them with emails telling them, omg you got more recruits don’t let his opportunity pass you by becoming an affiliate now. That’s how I was suckered. I felt suckered.

You randomly invite people to your social media and hopefully, you don’t get any perverts who want to date you. Wait a month and asked if they want to join you on your CBD oil journey.

I also felt that their scripts are too pushy and I not ready to push people around. I am sure that if they used the products before and know that it works for them I wouldn’t have to push so hard.

What I like about Hempworx


It’s all online.

Great support group

Weekly webinar

Get free samples, just pay for the shipping.


Pay for the app

Have to maintain a minimum of 40BV

If you are inactive all the links will go to your recruiter

Why I chose to leave My Daily Choice (MCD)

I felt that if I am going to promote something this great I should at least try the products out for myself and then promote it properly. Because of my life right now it is still hard to use and share.

My husband is a federal employee I am a contractor for a military facility and to the government employees CBD oil without HTC, we, can’t use it. It is still illegal to government workers.

I like to write and share my knowledge to help people. If I can not use it I wouldn’t be promoting it.

Then maintaining a 40BV is an inconvenience. In order for me to maintain that is to be on a monthly subscription of CBD oil of almost $100 a month. All my family that uses CBD oil are wanting real MJ CBD oil and not Hemp CBD oil. My friends don’t want to try it when they can get it cheaper.

Folks, you get what you paid for remembered that. I am constantly collecting bottles of Hemp CBD oil for a couple of months with no takers. For that reason, I  canceled my monthly subscription but I want to stay active just in case I have customers who want to try it. Plus I have already paid $20 to activate my account.

My recruiter knew about my decision and she thanked me for letting her know. My subscription ended in March 6 weeks later I logged into my account and I didn’t exist. I thought it was weird. All my links, the sample page and what I wrote about MCD they all were redirected to my recruiter.

I did not make a big deal because I chose to leave. Either case I should still be active because when I took myself of the monthly subscription I had an option to stay active without a subscription and I check yes to it. Today I am not active anymore.

It’s fine I was harassing my friends and relatives and they were getting annoyed by me already.

The Payment System

I never got paid from MCD so I wouldn’t know how it really works. They have a binary pay system that allows you to get pay if you maintained the same amount of recruits every month if not then it starts all over again. You give yourself a raised by buying more products in tiers. The more the BV the more you get more in pay.

I think their payment system is pretty good only if you maintain a personal left leg of 90BV and right leg of 90BV. At the end of the month, if your lesser leg has a minimum of 300 BV, they pay you a binary team commission.

You can start with a minimum of 40BV and purchase a higher tier once you get some recruits you pay is more. I can’t get one in a month I will not be wasting my money monthly for anything.

What’s my recommendation?

Yes, I would recommend Hempworx, MCD however, you must be active and willing to do business like it’s full time and that it is your only income. If not join me on wealthy affiliate and take your time. Our times are precious and we are busy all the time. We have a household to take care off. Little ones running around like there’s no tomorrow.

Don’t forget to feed them as well. You have a partner they want to eat too. Sometimes when the world is asleep I need my me time. My me time is doing what I am passionate about and that is sitting with my laptop and venting to the world about my day of the super person I am.

I also recommend wealthy affiliate as well. This is for the people who want to own their own online business with the right training right from the beginning. Read my review here about wealthy affiliate and decide for yourself. I’ve been with wealthy affiliate for almost two years and I have accomplished my first goal.

My first goal was having my own website teaching people how to grow vegetables from your backyard. I am now working on my second goal and it is to help you monetize your existing site or train to make a website of your own. Newbies and advanced alike. So join me today. Let’s get to know each other.


Click here for my affiliate disclosure. 

Thank for reading my review on MCD. This is what I went through. There are many successful people that are doing great and are making tons of money. CBD oil itself sales itself for the right people. I didn’t do well because I am occupied by other projects that have more of a priority.

Maybe someday when I get my project done and I am bored. I will try it again, maybe.

Listen this is just my opinion and what I know through my own use or research. I’m just writing to inform you all out there that are looking into Hempworx whether you can do it or it is not it depends on your effort, time, patience, dedication, money, and your own research.

The decision maker is you as a whole. No one is making you chose.

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