Negative People Are Toxic walk away!


Do you have a great product that you love and you want to share it with your loved ones and they turned you down? They make fun of you, think you are crazy, wants nothing to do with it, say that you are being scammed, and tells you, “let me know in a year how that goes.”

And these are the people that are supposed to support you and be there for you because they are your family and friends. Don’t let others keep you from your future wealth.

Read to the bottom and learn how to make wealth for your family. To prove the naysayer that you are not being scammed and your product is legit.

Folks just walk away from negative people who don’t believe in your ability to be successful. Don’t let them bring you down. Stay focus and stay positive. Hard working people always win in the long run. You got this!

Negative People are Toxic

Although you love your family and friends but they hate your ideas the best thing to do is walk away. Walking away doesn’t mean that they are correct or right it means that you have to if you cherish your relationship with them. Negative people are toxic even if they are closest to you.

The reason why they are negative is that they are comfortable in their little bubble and they dislike change. Changing scares them. They are not susceptible to change because it’s too scary for them to think outside of the box and make their own destiny. They like where they are and they have no bright future. They are planning to work until retirement and die. Sorry to be so blunt but most of the retired people die early.

Of course, you can do your own research to find out. Negative people think that is how life is lived and it’s the norm. They think you are born, grow up, get a job, get married, have a family, raise a family, and die. They don’t think that they should do any more for their family if everything is a cookie cutter. Rinse and repeat.

They teach their future generation to do the same thing. They think that everything that is not familiar with is bad. Oh no very bad you can’t do that it’s not on the path they follow.

Keep Away from Negative People

Wouldn’t you like to know how to stay away from negative people? First of all like I mentioned earlier these people are most likely be friends and family members. You still want to be close.

You love them and they love you. The things you can do is not talk about the product with them anymore.

If you don’t talk about it they wouldn’t call you crazy. They wouldn’t call it a scam. And you will be close for a long time. No need to risk your good relationships because of it.

You work your butt off to prove to them that your product is the best and that you are doing well. Show them the status of your work. Your statistics for your product is doing great. That being said show them only in passing or if they ask how is working coming along. Prove to them that it works and it’s not a scam after all.

Get Them Involved

Once you get them interested than get them involved in your products and teach them how to do it. Winning them over isn’t easy but you got them to stop being negative. This time they will know how you feel and the struggles you went through.

Now it’s their turn to be judged by their friends and family. Isn’t it weird how it all comes in a circle?

Would you like to know how? Let me know. Leave me a comment and I will be glad to point you the direction you need to take. You can also read to the end of my post and find out a better way to start.

Don’t Listen to Non-Experienced People

I was in a room in California visiting my mom and this guy was talking about a product that he never used or sold before. He was so into it that if he actually sells this product he’ll be good at it.

Or even become the spokesman for this product. However, he was talking about how the business aspect of how the business plan was all wrong.

How their businesses plan was inefficient and too MLM and poor. I was thinking to myself then why don’t you get involved to show them how it works?

Folks never learn from an inexperienced person who never done the job before. He as going for hours maybe 2 hours. The poor soul that was with him was believing him and agreeing with him. SMH don’t be a follower be a doer. No one runs your life you run your life.

Ask me how.

When you hear people talk badly about a product ask them have they tried it? Most of the time it’s a NO but heard it from a friend of a friend. Sometimes they may have read it in a negative review.

Read my review here and make up your own mind.

My solution and conclusion

In my opinion, negative people are toxic, walk away. Come back when it is the right time. The right time can be any time from days, to weeks, months, or even years it depends on how fast you work at showing results. Haters going to hate. And there’s nothing you can do to make everyone happy.

Your job is not to please everyone you are pleasing yourself and if you let negative people in your life you will soon find out that they are right. They are not right. They are afraid of change and they don’t want to challenge themselves to a better life. Remember they are comfortable in their bubble.

You have a different mindset. You want to challenge your self for a better life for you and your family. This is the best time to do it. The first step is the hardest thing to do.

You need to do what you do every day to make a life for yourself. I encourage you to sign up with me today and we can learn together.

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Remember negative people are toxic just walk away, it’s better that way. You know what you are doing. So I challenge you to be wealthy. Take the challenge and I’ll see you on the inside. Go take on the day, challenge the unknown! See you in the next post.


This is based on my own experiences.

If you’re interested in a blog like mine, please visit me at my Wealthy Affiliate profile for more info.

11 thoughts on “Negative People Are Toxic walk away!”

  1. You are so right!! When you are starting a new career or start traveling your own path, you only need positive vibes and support. It can be hard when you constantly have to deal with negative people. I completely agree, walk away or don’t share your path before you are ready.

    I heard a quote/ advice once: Treat your new ideas as your babies and for the first 9 months it will not see other people. Show it to the world when you are ready and you stand firmly in your new path.

  2. Kelyee,
    I absolutely agree! I believe that people who say things need to be able to back that up with action. When I receive a task at work, I hope that my boss is willing to do it as well…if not, then that’s where toxicity occurs. People can “talk the talk” but they need to “walk the walk” too. Same goes for affiliate marketing. I appreciate you bringing that up, because it may seem strange to get into that business, but it’s there for a reason! Thanks for your post!

  3. I have experienced many times the “bites” of negative people. In fact, with time, I have discovered that they are jealous.

    At least, you are trying something to get a better life. For them, the worst that could happen is that you become successful.

    There’s a Caribbean song that says that the rich stop you to climb the ladder and the poor hold your feet to keep you down. Unfortunately, it’s true…

  4. I can certainly relate to the idea that family and friends can be hard to deal with when they are naysayers and don’t support you and what you choose to do.

    It’s hard to hear their negativity but if you can simply not react to them and know that you’re doing something that you believe in, then this can help you shake off their criticisms.

    I agree with you, the best thing to do is once you know they have a negative opinion of what you’re doing, just don’t talk to them about it.

    I always find it interesting when the people who we know are more wary of what we do than those they don’t know. As hard as it is, tread your own path and make your own choices despite negativity from others. Thanks for sharing

  5. This is very true the thing is most of the time we let other people define the things that we do, feel and think about.

    If we live this way we will never feel or reach true happiness in our lives. Think about it, why let them affect your decisions, thinking, values, and philosophies. I like people but at the same time, they could be vicious towards you because of their inner insecurities, anger or resentment; which is called projecting.

    This is why one of my most favorite books that helped me uncover and shed light on this topic is “The Art of Not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson.

    TIP: Do not let that title fool you into thinking that it is some kind of indifference guide or something awful. Give this thing a chance and you will be pleasantly surprised 🙂

  6. Good Content ! I love the advice you are providing others since there are a lot of negative people in this world!

    • Thank you, Daniel. I hope that one day they will stop to smell the roses and relax.

      However, I don’t blame them for being negative because of so many scams that are on the internet and one has to be careful.

      So when I find one that isn’t I like to share it with them.

      Thank you for coming to visit.


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