The Wealthy Affiliate Review For 2020 – Update

Although the Black Friday Pricing is over you can still get our great price. 

Today, I will be updating the Wealthy Affiliate review for 2020. There have been so many updates in WA. Too many for me to talk about but I will be touching on the key updates that you need to know. Right now it’s 102° F. outside and I am sitting in my A/Ced office chair updating you about the updates that have happened or coming shortly.

Because of COVID-19 that most companies are closing and they might not be open for a long time. They will be laying off hundreds if not thousands of good workers. Already more than a million people are applying for unemployment benefits.

We are always hiring and helping you build your online business from scratch. You manage it. Hiring a company to manage for you will cost you up to $1000+ a month. With WA it’s only $49 a month.

The Old Program

In the previous update. We were informed that we will no longer give two free websites for our starter members. Starter members are members that sign up for a trial run for a week, 7 days. You know, those that are afraid to purchase a service thinking it’s a scam. I was one.

However, I did my research after research and after taking the free courses just to get a taste of what WA was all about. Long story short I was hooked. 2.5 years later I’m still here.

Back to the update. As you will see below are the new program that we will have from now on. As you can see there are no more two free websites. Only one. Uno. Ib. (That’s one in Hmong.)

Instead of 25 free websites and 25 own ones, you’ll be, getting 10 total.

You’ll still have your free lessons and chat rooms for the first week you joined. That’s would be $359 annually. I have an older version if you want more details here. The old version of WA prices. More like an older review for your convenience.

If you upgrade to Premium Yearly before May 11th and 11:59 PM PST, you are going to get the Black Friday pricing on your membership. This means $299 per year for Premium, or broken down this works out to be less than $0.83 per day!

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Why The Changes

W.A has been in business since 2005. There are more than 1.5 million members and counting, needed more staff, overhead cost, payroll to do, and economic changes along with the cost of living. Not to mention technology changes, it’s expensive.

So, yeah there have to be some changes but incentives for everyone. It’s not easy keeping everyone happy. As a business owner, sometimes, we have to put our foot down and keep our business alive.

It comes down to compromise between owners and customers. “We change this but we’ll add this.” No one needs 50 websites. Most of us have 3 and that’s because the ones that have more than one website are advanced and the ones that do have more than one website are already making some kind of passive income.

What’s The New Membership Program

After May 11th, the new pricing at Wealthy Affiliate will look like this:

  • Premium Yearly = $495 per year (NEW PRICE)
  • Premium Bi-Yearly = $234 per 6 months (REMOVED)
  • Premium Monthly = $49 per month (UNCHANGED)
  • First Month Premium Monthly Offer = $19 First Month (UNCHANGED)
  • Premium Plus yearly = $995 (New for 2021)
  • Premium Plus monthly = $99 (New for 2021)

As you can see, the monthly pricing and first-month bonuses are not impacted by this. The bi-yearly pricing is no longer available, and the yearly price has a new price structure.

The new Premium Yearly is going to be $495 as indicated, but we are going to be introducing some new perks associated with going yearly. The Premium Yearly is going to include: Only if you act now!

Updated for 2021

Premium Membership $49/month or $495 yearly ($93 savings)
Premium Plus Membership $99/month or $995 yearly ($193 savings)

===> Get the Black Friday Pricing, Only $299 For a Year of Premium Until May 11th!

===> Get our amazing price all year long. <===

(1) Free .com Domain
(2) 100 Community Credits to use towards SiteComments/SiteFeedback
(3) Video Bonus
(4) A 2-Month Off Discount ($93 off)

As you can see we added a few incentives to the mix to make everyone happy, hopefully.

Final Thoughts

Now is the time to start looking for a new skill. Technology is in high demand right now. When you have downtime because of the stay at home order or need to find ways to make extra income to supplement what you have right now is the best time to start.

We care for you and we are in business to help if you want us to. We are a service to help you create your own online business you manage. If you want it managed by someone other than yourself you can but it will cost you double. So it up to you, what do you want?

It’s been 15 years, we haven’t increased our prices, however, before May 11, 2020, you can still get our lowest prices going premium at $299. Remember after the 11th of May the price will be increased so hurry before it’s too late.

Get grandfather today. Don’t wait. Once you become premium you are safe from price increase from future updates.

===> Get our amazing price all year long. <===

Not only do we train you to manage your website we also host it right in WA. For the same price. It’s included. Even if you have your website hosted elsewhere we make it simple to move from and to.

===> Get the Black Friday Pricing, Only $299 For a Year of Premium Until May 11th!

===> Get our amazing price all year long. <===

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