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Okay, folks if you are here it’s because you want to learn more, know more about our services, and where to begin.

So, let me begin by saying thank you for trusting me.

This is where you come to create your website and here to start your new journey.

First thing first. You need to make an account using siterubix is a subdomain that you will use for the training.

Let’s get started!

What do we want when we create an online business?

We want simple yet engageable and easy navigate.

When you join premium we have a lot of training on how to create the most attractive and user-friendly landing page!Yes you can do it!

Let’s not get ahead of our self.

By the time you finish your training. You will learn that you had become an expert in creating your website.

It’s not hard even for beginners like you. Even advanced web developers out there.

What do we want in a website?

The website will look amazing because you are being coached by one of the co-owners of wealthy affiliate. This is what we like to see when making your website.

A. Look professional

B. Site speed and loading time

C. Easy to navigate

D. Quality contents

E. Sites SSL (HTTPS)

F. Site protection (spam blocker)

And much more on the inside.

Watch this great video from my mentor and co-founder Kyle.

Build your website in 30 sec. Click now.

Build your website in 30 seconds

Watch the video. It’s easy!

Take this journey and take charge of your life.

Step 1

Sign up

By signing up you are telling me that you are ready to start your journey and take charge of your life.

You will have access to limited tools and 10 lessons for 7 days for free.

This is your first step to know what your potential as an online business owner.

Step 2

Create your profile so people know who you are and what are you trying to accomplish being here on W.A.

So we know how to better guide you.

Step 3

Start your 10 lessons learn what you want to learn and browse around to get your taste of this program.

10 free lessons.

If you like it go for premium!

These lessons teach you from building your own website.

Learning how to make money online is what we are aiming for, correct?

It takes you through to how to choose a niche, setting up your website, how to get your site ready for search engines, and learning how to understand keywords.

The keyword is very crucial to rank your website to be on page one or page one and position one.

Meaning people will see your post and if it’s the first one to come up during a search.

Your website would most likely be click on and get traffic.

Build your website using this tool. The siterubix subdomain.

Step 4

Use Jaaxy for keyword search. You will learn how to use Jaaxy during your training.

Please follow all the training before you attempt to go on your own and start wandering around.

For newbies, you will most likely hear, “it’s in the training” or follow the training and don’t rush it” or another common one is “don’t skip ahead.”

It’s true a lot of people are so excited and want to skip ahead of themselves and make money.

Everyone wants to make money. We also want to make sure that we know what we get into.

Slow down. If you don’t understand ask. Ask a lot of questions! 😀

Everything takes one step at a time. Rome wasn’t built in one day! 🙂

Why would your business?

This is how you will rank in the search engines. When you rank high you get more traffic and when you get more traffic you make more money.

Thank You

Thank you

Folks, I hope you have a great time. I know that in no time at all you’ll be making so much money I will be envious of you.

I am here to help please visit me once you are in wealthy affiliate.

Send me a private message (PM) if you need any more help. I will be here on my profile at wealthy affiliate.

I would like to thank you for just trying it out. I hope that I will get to see you on the inside.

If not, I wish you the best in your endeavors. Please learn as much as you can so you can make up your mind where you want to do.

If you like it please sign up.

If you are still skeptical read my review here.

Success go get it!

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  1. Very good explanation of the many benefits of Wealthy Affiliate. I am so glad that I joined wealthy affiliate too. It’s a great platform to be in, lots of community support and great educational videos step by step to build an online business.


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