What Is Breaking The Glass Ceiling

Even in 2019/2020, we are still talking about breaking the glass ceiling. What is breaking the glass ceiling means? It’s a metaphor used for women or minorities who are stuck where they are in their company and can’t climb that corporate ladder.

Why Does This Exist

The first term was used back in 1978 when a woman named Marilyn Loden as she was making her speech. There are many reasons why it’s still around.

It is alive and well. Take me for example. I felt like I was punched in the stomach and a slap in the face! I felt betrayed, confused, denial, anger, and acceptance. Yep, I went through all of that. I thought it was only the imagination of the scriptwriters in Hollywood.

In my head, I wanted to storm into my boss’s office and scream! Why! The image of me telling him that he was an incompetent boss. That he knew nothing from running a business and not knowing his employee’s background. He and I graduated from the same University and received the same science degree.

I wanted to scream at him because he had just rehired an employee who has quit to take the safety management position that was left empty. That’s another story.

I confronted my boss and asked him directly why he did so. He simply said that at the time he felt like, let’s give the guy a name, Ryder was the best choice for the job.

If I didn’t know better I think it’s because I am not white, period. Who knows. Unfortunately, my boss didn’t realize I have a B. S degree in Technical Management! I asked him. He hesitated, looked down on his knees and slowly nodded then finally said, “yeah.”

Really? Ryder doesn’t have a degree but a military background. And he quit!! The position wasn’t posted yet and I was told by the co-owner that it will. My boss said to that was. “That was my bad on that part.” Wow.

Then after I cursed him out I was going to say, “I QUIT!” As you can tell I accepted it. My job (Journey of the broke) is paying my bills.

Another is age discrimination. It could be that Ryder’s white male co-worker in his mid-thirties is younger than me, Hmong woman in her mid-40s.

Like I said If I didn’t know better is stereotyping to its finest. Whatever the case may be, I didn’t get to climb that ladder.

Journey of the broke

Here’s another scenario my friend of the same color is at her highest she can go. According to her superior. If she wants to climb that corporate ladder, she must find work elsewhere.
I’m not in the same work as her. So I don’t know if it’s true. She could get a lateral move within her company. However, she said she is looking.

Another scenario is this same color works for a large retailer. She is the supervisor of her team. The company is cutting hours. She went to ask her superior for more time. She just recently purchased a home and had an infant.

Long story short she was denied by her manager. Yet the managers allowed her color the times they asked. Do you think this is fair?

These are some of the reasons why trying to break the glass ceiling is still alive and well.

Now, where was I with my ranting? Oh yes back to me, me, me, like the song by Toby Keith-I want to talk about me. ­čśÇ


He’s doing a great job running it to the ground. There’s are no respect among the employees. The only reason why we haven’t strangled at each other’s throat because the pay is good. And as long as we don’t talk to each other, we’re fine!

We had a company meeting. I asked specifically what are some new changes the company will be making now that he is the new owner. He gave some lame no brainer answers like making our customers happy. That’s a given. And do the best we can.

I really wanted to know if there’s going to be any changes internally. For example, should some employees sleep in their vehicles when we are slow? What about chains of commands? Who should we go to for answers? Who is my lead now?

Who do I answer to? So am I answering to the secretary now too? What position is who is holding? Who’s the program manager? Who’s the project manager? How many hats are anyone’s shoulders? Who’re the engineers for R and D now that both engineers are co-owners?

So many questions were unanswered!

Don’t let that happen to you!

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The Culture of The company

Maybe, maybe not. What if the company is a small company that has been in business for over 15 years? No matter what the circumstances are there are rooms to grow considering the long history of its existence.

As a corporation, it needs to recognize that it exists. Have an open dialogue that is easy to approach. Who priorities that make a company great?

Those are the responsibility of the management team to implement. When you recognized that your employees make your company grow.

Every successful business has loyal employees to run it smoothly. As a company, it should realize its employees and gives incentive.

Maybe the company’s leadership is run like laissez-faire. Where they allowed their employees to make all the calls. Open concept so to speak.

Let’s take a look at the cons of laissez-faire management style.

Meaning your work may be unsafe.

However, your employees are bad-mouthing bad mouthing management for not doing their job. Young entrepreneurs had no idea how to run their company.

That leads to, no respect thinking everything is banter. The employees aren’t taking commands seriously.

Now, the pros could be encouraging to some employees.

Empowerment. This making the employees feel more in control. They might be better workers. If it works out one worker can ask the other to help.

A better work environment. Less stress on management when they have a million things going on at the same time.

You As The Employee

Many, may have encountered some sort of held back from a position there to be their then suddenly be taken away. Because according to the management, as they see fit.

If that is the culture in that company are in a hard place. There is no way of chipping away at that.

I have seen it done to me. It’s very frustrating.

In a little bit, I’ll elaborate on some tips.

Tips On How to Break the Glass Ceiling

  • Voice your interests. Tell your manager what you want to accomplish. And how you are going to achieve your goals. You should always ask your manager if there anything you need to improve.
  • Be assertive follow up with your managers. Let them know that your concerns are being looked into. Management is very busy they get lost in their own work and sometimes they forget. So you have to remind them occasionally.
  • Raise awareness about the issue. Breaking the glass ceiling isn’t a fix it right away. It takes patient but assertive.
  • Take accountability for your own development. Use what’s been given to you and make the best of it.
  • Often reminds your management team about the issues.
  • Make that a catalyst for your action.
  • If all has failed, it’s time to find employment elsewhere. Go into business for yourself.

Warning Signs or Red Flags

Stop waiting

What is is the attitude of your company. These are warning signs you want to get employment with another company.

If they said, “If you don’t like it here there’s the door right there.” See this┬ánever sits well with me at all. After 10 years of putting up with what might be my turn to be “promoted” to telling me, don’t let the door hit me on the way out, is a serious red flag.

Here’s another one. “There’s plenty of people out there that wants your position.” That may be true but it does not need to be said. Where is the professionalism?

As the image said it, “stop waiting” move on up and forward.

Final Thoughts or Conclusion

No matter what you decide on doing. Breaking the glass ceiling is easier for some than others. I like to take this opportunity to guide you into joining me in taking your business or building your business online.

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