What is Destiny

What is destiny? What was your childhood dream? I came from a dirt poor background. I mean poor as if mama can’t afford that 5 cent candy on top of the shelf next to the register, mama can’t afford it, dirt poor. Not I am so dirt poor that mama wouldn’t buy me the latest flagship cell phone, poor. Okay.

When I was a child I daydream about the day I graduate school, get married, have a couple of kids (4), and live in my white picket fence house with my happily ever after.

That was my childhood dream. I did half of that. Got married, have a child, and divorced. What happened to the other 3 kids and the white picket fence house? Long story short, it didn’t work out.

That’s why it’s a childhood dream. However, I never gave up on having more kids, my house, and happily ever after. My continuing dream now is to add wealth to my dream as an extension. I am working part-time from home.

Childhood Dream, Make it Come True No Matter What

I heard so many stories about people who had horrible childhood upbringing and it’s affecting their success. The black sheep of the family that goes rogue. The abused child who thinks he can’t do right by his mom. An abusive drinking mother beats him every day. Or the verbally abused girl whom her dad belittle her.

The most horrible thing was the sexually abused children that go home to an unhappy home. I can only imagine your pain and I am so sorry to hear $%&! like that. The parents bickered all the time and not paying attention to them. The child that gets bullied by non-classmate but older kids from the surrounding neighbors.

The sexually assaulted children, the verbally abused children, the physically abused children, and the bullied children. I am dedicating this post to all of you out there. As an abused child myself I know how you all must feel.

Don’t let the past define who you are.

All Alone

The loneliness where you have no one to talk to. No one to share your troubles with. And no one understands what you are going through. The friend who says they are your friend but as soon as you start to tell them your very personal feelings, thinks your making it up. Why? Maybe they said it’s not a big deal kids goes through growing pains.

I disliked, “Oh it not a big deal.” It is a big deal when I am the one receiving the fishing pole up my back. Friends like that discouraged the abused a child to talk to someone.

I had nobody to talked to when I was growing up. The oldest of 5 at the time. I pretended to be happy playing with my friends but deep down inside me there was a child calling for help, trapped, and no one can hear her. I’m always by myself. I learned to think on my own, developed a wall where only I can see through but they can’t see the real me.

The scared, trapped, bullied, crying, and loneliness soul. I can tell you that it is not easy looking for others like you, another abused or bullied person. Because they are also going through the same issues as I. After so many attempts I gave up and be in the shadow.

I focused that energy of finding someone like me to share my thoughts into finding myself. What do I want? Do I want to look for people to talk about my problems or focus on my dream?

It’s so easy for others that aren’t in your situation to say, “find someone to talk to.” If they’ve never experienced what you have been through. It’s so easy for people to judge you when they don’t know what you know. They just assumed that it’s her way of coping with her parents divorced.

To add to the physical abused, my parents divorced and since I was the oldest one I was tasked to babysit. Not only that I had to cook, clean, and be mentally and physically support system to my abused mom. Mind you, I was eight years old at that time. That’s another story.

Never Give Up On Your Dream

Today I am working on being wealthy. I had come a long way not to become a psychopath ????. I have my issues but I have a dream to accomplish. I worked so hard on a relationship with my high school sweetheart that he couldn’t handle me.

What happened along the way? Let’s see I learned to be independent after my parents divorced, all the beating from my dad toughened me up emotionally and physically. The emotional support that I gave my mom made me a better person, a better listener, and give moral support to other people.

Divorced the childlike ex-husband whom he only thinks about himself. I was so sick of him verbally abusing me and I an not in the mood to live with him after 10 years of telling me to leave if I can find anyone better than him. I was tired of holding his hands. (Youngest of 8 kids.) So, I left. That’s that.

Got my education, have one child. (Seems like my oven is broken.), remarried to the love of my life, and not a white picket fence house but I love my house, no fence.

And I got a niche blog. Zbestgarden.com is where I show what I grow in the arid desert in Arizona and theaffiliatemarketingchallenge.com where I challenged you to be wealthy! Learn to make passive income anywhere in the world.

Living My Dream

My life right now is pretty stable. The moral of this post is don’t let what had happened to you in the past, don’t let it control how you feel, think, and your attitude towards other people. Don’t judge, don’t get mad at the world, learn from your past and guide the lost to the right path.

Today, I am the oldest of 10 siblings, 3 are from different mom and one is from different dad. Things happen. Lol???? Got my Bachelor of Science in Technical Management minor Associate of Science in Electronics Technologies, works as a contractor for the Army. Life right now is good. It wasn’t many years ago but you must work hard to achieve your goals so you can live your dream.

For me being an abused child I think it builds characters. If I was to go back in time to change something I wouldn’t because then I wouldn’t be here telling about my history and encouraging you to challenge yourself to do more.

The hardest thing for me is trust. I have been trying to be wealthy ever since I was eight. I carried my dream with me since then. That was in 1982 where technologies are no were advancing. I lost a lot of money with all the MLM out there. I gave up on MLM.

Then I found this great platform and you would too if you give it a chance. Read my review of it here. Make up your own mind. Be in control.

Go Live Your Dream

I am living my dream today. And I hope that you trust me to go and live your dream. Follow your childhood dream to the very end. The Universe had given you a life that was meant for you to live and has also given you the tool to make it happen. It will not be easy but it can be if you ask for help.

This is what we do, help you. Challenge yourself and do more. So, what is destiny? This is my destiny and I hope that is yours too.


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