What Is The Poor

What is poor? Have you ever wondered why there are poor people? Let’s be serious here, have you? I have, all the time. There are so many reasons why, and no it’s not because they are lazy!

According to, World Bank, 10% of the world’s population still lives under $1.90 a day! However, we are improving but slowing.

Sometimes we all need a helping hand. Let’s look at some reasons why some of us are poor. Maybe we can help each other get out of the 10%, poor and into the 90% where we all can live comfortably.


What are the reasons why? I run into a lot of people who tell me I’m broke because I or we are poor because we can’t afford it. That could be a problem.

“We/I’m broke.” Why are you broke? Let’s evaluate this a little. How many people right now think that you are too broke to do anything about their lives?

Some of the questions I asked you should take out a pen or paper and write it down.


I know that getting a divorce is the hardest thing to do especially when you or your parents are going through it and grew up in that situation. I saw it was a big impact on my life. That never stopped me from wanting to better myself.

I have a little child that I need to make sure that she is well taken care of. Making sure she had good health, dental, and vision insurance for just in case.

You know what you must do as a parent. You know what you must do for yourself. You know what must be done. At the time I didn’t care who thought of me.

I just did it. Trust me there were failures. Not just one but many along the way. But I picked myself off the drowning payment and continued the struggles.

My feet dragged along the sinking ground and there were times I wanted to give up. I really did. As you can see I didn’t. Never give up!

Picky Employment


If you need a job don’t be picky. Take the job and find something better. Who says you have to be there for the rest of your life?

One income. Go get a second income. If you spend only within your means you don’t need to have your expensive coffee. Your nails can wait.

No babysitter. Don’t make excuses. Don’t burn bridges when you know your child isn’t so innocent. Every parent out there thinks their child is perfect. Don’t praise your child for every single little thing they do. Only praised for the things they deserved.

Don’t put your child on a pedestal. Discipline when necessary. Most importantly do NOT try to be their friend. That’s what school is for. There will be a lot of disagreement with this statement but let’s agree to disagree on that matter.

You are entitled to your opinions and experiences. 

Death in the family. That could be mentally exhausting when that person was the breadwinner and children that are still young. Knowing that it should be a motivation to get a job until you find a better job.

Homelessness. Why? The only time people become homeless is that they have too much pride to ask for help. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. If you have nothing and living with others. You have no rights period. Beggars can’t be choosers. Heard of that?

Military Honorably Discharged. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My husband was also in the military. Freedom isn’t free. You all fought for it whether or not you actually held a weapon on the field.

However, that’s not an excuse to be on the streets holding up signs. “Vet, need all the help you can give.” I feel bad that people who fought for our freedom are out on the streets begging for scraps.

I’m sorry if there are real veterans out there that really don’t have anywhere to go and do need a helping hand. I won’t give it because I was conned too many times.

There are places for you to go. Go there for help.



Prioritize your life. What is more important? Most of them said to set goals and follow through. Me personally that never works for me. Always expect the worst. Every time I set goals it never happens. I just know what I have to do.

You know it too. You’re too afraid to admit that.

Motivation. Find what motivates you. And go for it.

Aspiration. Go out of your comfort zone and explore.

Effort. It takes effort. This is a big one. You know the saying if you don’t help yourself, no one will. Who’s life is it anyway? Who makes you happy? Who can you trust? Yourself.

Ambition. Your ambition should be your catalyst to make something out of nothing. Do you want this bad enough that you are willing to make a fool out of yourself? Do you?



Everything said here seems so simple. Easier said than done. I heard it all. But if you need someone to blame. Look in the mirror. That person is stopping you.

Like the image above, GO! Explore. It’s like putting on your hiking shoes, grab some clothes, package your backpack, and go travel around the world.

It is like, put on your thinking cap and use your imaginations.

Whatever your decision may be always think of a way to better yourself so you can take care of you and your family no matter what life throws at you.

I truly believe that Zig Ziglar was ‘right on the money’
when he said, you can get everything you want if you just help
enough other people get what they wan

Do you really think you are that poor? It’s like Dave Chappelle said. You ain’t poor you’re just broke. So, do something about it.

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2 thoughts on “What Is The Poor”

  1. Hi, Kelyee,

    I have always wondered about the same thing. How is it possible there are so many rich people while there are so many poor at the same time? It’s not fair.
    When I moved to the U.S., I discovered a whole new world. Healthcare is expensive, college is expensive and I could go on and on. All of this seems to make a dominoes effect. I’m no expert, but I think some of these things need to be changed in order for the economy to improve.
    Thanks for sharing. This really put me to think.

    • Hi Enrique, thanks for dropping by. Everything is expensive but it depends on how badly you want to achieve it. If you live in a third world country, yes it is. However, if you live in the USA chances are you’re not that poor you are just broke.

      There are many ways to get work here. Just don’t be so picky about what you find until you find your right career.


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