When the Blind are Leading Blind


Have you ever wonder who is in charge of whom at your company? I do all the time. In my company one is micromanaging while the other doesn’t care. And to top it all off the president has left clowns to take over the company and now it’s all over the place. This is what happens when the blind are leading blind.

I am afraid that once our company exchanges hand the company will be on its way on a spiral downward. Clowns are taking over hiring whomever they want just because they will soon take over. This company makes me feel like I just paid thousands of dollars for my education to be flush down the drain. Plus they don’t care if  I have a degree or not.

Our company uses to be respectable when our president still wants to be president. Now he’s thinking of retiring and is going to sell the company to the engineers. I feel a cold front coming.

This is why I want to change my life around. Join me and start here.


Private life vs. Work Life

When you work in a business where you are the only woman in the shop. You may think that maybe just maybe you had escaped the gossip and whisper of the blame game at home because of your significant other. The blame game starts flying around at work with these men.

And you think women are bad. You haven’t been where I have.

Think again. I heard the worst gossip from a co-worker talking about how useless his wife is and that all she does is complain about how he is the problems but not her kids. She can’t cook, can’t do laundry, can’t clean, and he has to do all the work but he gets blamed for existing.

Apparently, she had him by the cojones. He becomes a man at work and set his cojones at the entry to his own home.

Guess what this is what happens when you work for someone else. This is what you will deal with at work. Folks I encourage you to look into making some extra cash for your savings account. When things get tough at work you can take a few days off without emptying your sanity.

If only these men know when to keep private matters at home and not bring it to work to take it out on someone innocent. We would get along much better than being annoyed by an idiot who can’t tell the difference. Not everyone wants to hear about his problems from home.  Vice versa.

Social Butterfly

When I hear that, what comes to mind is an arrogant woman socializing with her friends and gossiping on how much she has or how beautiful her clothes are. Like a social lite.

Well, with our company we have one but, it’s a dude, a guy who loves to talk about what he has and what he can do to the bragging on how great his products are, which it is his own company, how everyone loves his work.

We have a social butterfly who thinks he is qualified for every job in our company. The year one of our employee retired he cleaned out the office thinking they will give the social butterfly the position. Turns out he didn’t get it.

The social butterfly, Mr. Know-it-all. He has to be right all the time because he knows more than anyone. This social butterfly thinks everyone wants to be him. Why? I don’t know. I don’t want to be him. He thinks everyone wants to compete with him. Why? I don’t know.

Don’t be a know-it-all person. If you are please join me today and give us your guidance so we may know as much as you. Teach us your ways.

OH OH, I see Brown on his Nose!

Mr. Know-it-all loves to throw anyone under the bus when he can. This is how he gets you. He’ll come to you and say so-and-so aren’t my friends. I don’t talk to them anymore because they did, whatever, to him and he is t-off.  So they mean nothing to him any longer. However, That’s his bait he is setting up for you so you can pour all the bad juice on them and then a few days later guess what?

He’ll go and tell so-and-so that, that person is talking bad about them. And you think working with women is hard. I know firsthand about working with men. They are as bad! Of course, you don’t hear about it because men are so good at keeping secrets about what’s going on at work. Yet, they bring it home.

I think he enjoys going so far up there that when he comes out of it he’s high.

Not only does he do that with our customers and test coordinators he does that with our manager as well. Yet he tells me that he no longer talks to the manager anymore after what the manager and the new hire did to him. Our manager rehires a quitter back to our company and gives him a raised.

That didn’t go well with everyone at work but hey “The door is right there, don’t let it hit you on the way out.”

Don’t let anyone talk like that to you. Start your own online business today. Reconsidered what I said and make up your mind to do what is right by you. Not them. Don’t make them rich by working for someone else go out and make yourself rich.


One Peon to Another

Our social butterfly loves to put on his acting supervisor pants on (a part he gives himself) and loves to be in charge of everyone. Our mission starts and he’s already shinning his nose for the next project. Oh boy, can you see your reflexion on his nose!

He goes and has a brief with the customers and the test coordinator. He wants to be in charge. Our lead has given him a temporary part to play. Let me just say that no one that is in charge right now at our company has no real leadership skills. No professional, and no work ethics.

The social butterfly gives no directions, no information, and no communications. Yet he tells everyone what to do. He had given directions of confusion.

The worst thing to have is a person who thinks that keeping the information to himself will benefit him because he knows what the customer wants but won’t give out the information to his team so that we all can understand what the mission is about.

Our lead has already warned him to communicate with the rest of us so that we all need to know. Yet he wants to feel important so he still keeps it to himself but trickle the information on a daily bases. At least he shares it.

Okay who like to be told what to do? You want me to do something you need to ask me. I expect professionalism when working. When I clock into the company they own me for 8 to 10 hours depending on your work days. Ours is 10/4, ten hours a day, 4 days a week.

This social butterfly has no professional in him. I refuse to do your part when you have all morning and day to do it and all you do is gossip and run your private business at a job site that you are being paid to do.

He gets mad at me for not doing what he told me to do. This is how he said it, ” Eh, burn this data here.” What? Are you serious? So I told him I don’t know how because I’ve never done it. He throws the SD card on the table angrily and said: “I’m gonna have lunch, then.”

He asked another co-worker to do it. Yes, he asked him. He didn’t ask me. He told me. Social butterfly get’s angry and said something like “I asked her to do it but she said she didn’t know how.” I said, “Well I don’t.” “I work all day at and now I’m hungry.” He said. “Fine,” I said.

Look he was right he works all day. He works all day gossiping and running his private business all day. Not what he is paid to do. To his defense, he did work all day. Now he is hungry from running his private business all day that he can’t sit down and show me how to do it or ask me.

Seems like he has been harboring some anger from his private business and taking it out on me. Whatever the case folks don’t be the social butterfly who thinks it’s a know-it-all and tells people what to do that he has no business doing.

Turn your life around! Don’t work for Peons who lets other peons lead. The blind leading blind, what a waste.

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My solution and conclusion

Don’t be part of the brown nose, temporary playing boss, social butterfly’s nest, and make your own nest. Come learn, teach, and fly free from the grasp of the numbers game and be your own boss.

Join today. Try our 7-days trail members to see if it’s right for you. Then you can break free from the unwanted wings of some wannabe boss with no clue guiding your life.

Leave the social butterfly’s group where the nest is full of false leadership.

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, questions, or like to educate me, please feel free to do so. I love learning new things.


This is based on where I reside and my own experiences.

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10 thoughts on “When the Blind are Leading Blind”

  1. haha, I have to laugh. I really enjoyed reading your insightful observations of your workplace, although it also sounds like it’s painful too. I think so many people could definitely relate to many of the personalities you have shared and inspire them to get off their own butts and make a future of their own without working for someone else. Your article is inspiring for sure! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey great blog post. I have been trying to do that thing you mentioned which is to work for yourself and not peons as you put it which is totally on point. It is not easy trying to run or make a business work when you have a 9-5 that takes up a lot of your time.

    There is no other way to break free unless you are in a great job making six to seven figures and are getting the work and home balance correctly. Then you may not want to quit your job.

    But for the rest of the population working for someone else is a real hassle and it sucks big time . Imagine you are an adult and have to take non-sense and bury true feelings at your place of work that you dislike being around. You hit the nail on the head with this post .

  3. Hi, thank you for sharing your experience with us. I have had similar situations and had stop doing something I loved because the company kept hiring people that did nothing all day. It’s difficult to work in such environment and that’s why I’ve decided to give the whole work from home thing a try. I’m just barely starting out and I hope I get to a place where I can enjoy working for myself. Thanks for this post. It made me want to be my own boss even more!

    • Hi Sandy, yes I am trying to make my online business work as well. So I can finally quit and free myself from the embarrassing even where now my safety officer is telling me what to do. Yeah, the guy they rehire is bossing me around. I hope that working for yourself is going well. Great success coming your way. Thanks for visiting.

      If you haven’t tried our 7-day free training course try it out. https://theaffiliatemarketingchallenge.com/startlessonshere

  4. I completely agree with you, while probably not everyone will relate to all the things you said, we all have experiences at the office that makes us want to leave an do our own thing. It’s great you are taking this step.

    deffinately worth it to try your recomendation

  5. A fascinating take on the office shenanigans. And all so true.

    For me, many years ago, I decided to quit the normal 9 to 5 chains. I went freelance, and no longer subject myself to any one company and its politics. Instead, now I work part time with a few businesses. At the same time, I am working on my online businesses. The goal as you so rightly advise readers – is to get the online businesses monetized so that we no longer need to work 9 to 5. Not even part time or freelance. That is my goal.

    And Wealth Affiliate is one of the best programs to help me, and anyone, to reach that goal.


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